Content Processing. On Demand.


Transcode from any media format to any media format in any resolution

Input and output content for any platform, including web, broadcast, online video, VOD or digital cinema, and only pay for what you use.

Standards convert your content for international distribution

Professionally convert master file frame rates and resolutions in real-time, for international content deliveries.

Bulk process large media libraries with no need for onsite hardware

Upload your content to base and automate all processing, freeing up your in-house resources for creative work.

Scale and contract resources on a project-by-project basis

Spin up resources when you need them and simply pay per file or per project, to fit your budget and workflow needs.

Cloud Powered

Our cloud transcoding solutions enable you to benefit from the scalable processing power of the cloud, accessing massive computing power whenever you need it most.  All our services are fully managed and require zero technical knowledge from the user.  Simply upload a file and automatically receive your output format directly to your base storage account.


Ready for everything

Equip your business to deal with ever-expanding digital formats and deliverables, across all digital media sectors.  By leveraging our flexible cloud-based platform and existing software integrations, you never need worry about adapting to new formats again.  Our multi-cloud architecture enables you to process unlimited amounts of data, on demand, at a fraction of the price of buying hardware.


LCTV is proud to be working with base and IBM and has worked with the team to create a single file type for all our programming, delivering hundreds of hours of content each year to something like 100 TV networks around the world. Read more here.

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