Remote Working


Keep the Art. Lose the hardware.


Replace your physical buildings and on-site hardware systems with a fully cloud-based virtual facility. We enable digital media companies to move to hybrid or 100% virtualised working, so creative teams can work from anywhere with an Internet connectionat anytime  

Within a couple of days, everything was laid out very quickly. We deliver content all the time, hundreds of files every week. From the editors’ perspective, all they’ve had to do is check their bandwidth at home. We are constantly being asked to cut costs. If you don’t have the hardware anymore you are saving large sums of money. Continue here.

Daniel New Operations Manager, BBC TMO

We are moving out of our post facility and moving into a completely cloud-based facility with base. All of this has brought in some really exciting conversations, with much bigger brands and bigger broadcast opportunities for Green Rock.


Simon Green CEO of Green Rock

Remote Virtual Post Production


Access secure cloud workstations in moments via the intuitive BeBop app and user interface. With fast shared storage, built-in security and user management and a powerful Master Control Panel, you can experience virtual working at its best. Our hosted BeBop solution enables you to run applications in the cloud, including Adobe, Maya, Nuke, Blender, DaVinci Resolve and more. Virtual Workstations can be scaled to meet your needs and spun up in any of our global regions.


This tool changes the game for remote collaboration, enabling creatives, executives and clients to work together in real-time. Stream BeBop sessions for instant review and approval with BeBop Rev Live. You can play out your synchronous stream using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro in a browser, with low latency. Send a BeBop Link to your reviewers, get annotated notes on your work, and even audio conference liveCo-create content as if you are in the same room, from any location.


Stream BeBop sessions for review and approval any time using BeBop Rev Notes. Simply send your team a BeBop Link and they can review your asynchronous stream in a browser, anytime and from anywhere. You can get annotated notes back on a cut, image, visual effect or animation. No additional plugin is required and there is no need to export to an external system, meaning you save time and can deliver your work more quickly. 


BeBop Links give you the ability to send or receive secure URLs to collaborate with your team and external partners, anywhere in the world. Receive and import media content and other files directly to your BeBop Project shared cloud storage and instantly add to your creative project workflow. Distribute to authorised third-parties for secure download. Share BeBop Rev streams for instant review and approval. 


BeBop Rocket enables you to transfer large amounts of data from your local storage directly to your BeBop Project shared cloud storageIf you need to move multiple huge files and hundreds of TBs of data in a single transfer or easily move content from your base low-cost cloud storage into your BeBop Project shared cloud storageRocket is the perfect tool for the job. 


BeBop Rocket enables full indexing and browsing of the content available in your BeBop Project shared cloud storage and also makes downloading any of the assets in your storage easy, fast, and hassle-free. Download projects and media or final masters directly from your fast storage to your local device with built-in acceleration. 


We provide an integrated Adobe, BeBop and Iconik subscription package, enabling you to benefit from built-in archive and transcoding, iconik Premiere Panel for search, tagging, project sharing, Media Asset Management and AI workflows. Store and index your entire archive library with us on low-cost cloud archive storage and seamlessly access all your files via BeBop Virtual Workstations from within one user interface.


base’s branded Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service is fully integrated with BeBop enabling the most secure user login access to the platform. In addition, we can work with you to integrate into your own in-house or third-party single sign-on service using OpenID based systems like Okta and Azure Active Directory, right out of the box.  

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