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base partners with Veritone to provide an array of integrated AI solutions for digital and broadcast media companies. Veritone aiWARE is fully integrated with our multi-cloud architecture, low cost cloud storage, powerful file transfer and intelligent asset management solutions to help our clients enhance metadata, provide deep analytics and fully automate workflows to reduce manual labour, whilst saving costs.

With Veritone aiWARE™ , the worlds first Operating System for Artificial Intelligence (OS for AI), you can uncover insights from massive amounts of data across cognitive capabilities at scale, in near real-time. Some call it Intelligent Automation. We call it long overdue, welcome to the AI Revolution. We are here to make our world smarter, faster and more fun. Join us. 

David Candler, Senior Director, Customer Solutions at Veritone

Automate Metadata

aiWARE accelerates the content search and discovery process by automatically enriching video, audio, still images, documents and live feeds with cognitive metadata. The result – easy to find media assets.

Easy to Train, Custom AI Engines

Deploy intelligent solutions with cognitive engines to meet your data set and specific requirements. Leverage our scalable, proprietary machine learning technology.

Custom End-to-end AI Solutions

Build customised, intelligent solutions on top of the aiWARE platform to meet your organisation’s evolving objectives. Easily dock different data sets, cognitive engines and applications rapidly.

Data Analytics & Attribution

aiWARE works seamlessly so you can put analytics leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, to work. Enhance your data and analytics reports even further with our Veritone Attribute application.

Veritone aiWARE surfaces insights from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data at scale, in near real-time. Hundreds of cognitive AI engines, low-code developer tools and APIs, and a flexible deployment architecture uniquely enable intelligent end-to-end workflows supporting contemporary cloud-native applications, IoT devices as well as legacy systems.

Veritone’s suite of solutions for Media & Entertainment are turnkey and fast to implement. Leveraging aiWARE, they bring all the advantages of the AI operating system to your organisation. Turn your data into actionable insights to make better, data-driven decisions and surface new opportunities through previously unavailable or disconnected data insights.

Veritone Digital Media Hub is an intelligent media asset management portal designed for content owners in sports, film, TV, news, and other media enterprises. With its intuitive interface, users can immediately search, manage, share, and monetise hyper-indexed content.

Veritone Attribute gives broadcasters the ability to correlate ads, including organic mentions and live reads, with the advertiser’s website traffic. This award-winning application arms sales teams with comprehensive performance insights to share with their ad clients.

Veritone Essentials enables broadcasters to easily track and search audio and video content in near real-time based on keywords and visual elements, such as brand names, logos or talent; generate and share air-checks, and create comprehensive campaign reports.

Join leading organisations, such as ChilliVault, COPA90, Extreme E, Formula E, Fremantle, ESPN, Sony Pictures Television, HBO, Westwood One, Bloomberg, Inter Milan, CNN, San Francisco Giants, NFL Network, etc., that leverage Veritone AI to maximise the value and activation of their media assets.

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Use Case Video: Using the power of Veritone aiWARE, integrated with Veritone Digital Media Hub, for Formula E

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