22 Nov

“We put a terrific 24/7, 4K channel on air across the globe in less than six months”

67 Pall Mall is a private member’s club that brings together people who have a passion for wine and fine dining. The club has recently launched 67pallmall.tv, a free channel available to anyone. The channel’s content is created by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Live and on-demand, the channel’s content includes virtual wine tasting and programmes featuring winemakers, experts and industry leaders. To launch the channel, 67 Pall Mall needed a central platform to store, edit and manage the content.

Managing content for the new channel across the globe created numerous challenges. Transferring files from the shoot location to the central London office, a way to manage the content that included an approval system and a custom workflow that enabled assets to be exported from their MAM to a third-party playout system, Veset Nimbus. The editors, production staff, and producers all needed to be able to access the content remotely, with minimal friction, and collaborate seamlessly during the editing process.

base conducted a digital workflow audit to identify the most effective and cost-efficient way to solve these challenges, without compromising on the user experience for the team. Storage was managed first, with a centralised cloud storage solution, erasure coding data across three UK data centres for additional peace of mind. To enable super-fast file transfer in and out of the cloud, base deployed a UDP accelerated transfer service with an easy-to-use branded web interface. With enterprise-grade security, users on-location could upload rushes directly to the base storage platform at Internet line speed, accessible for all 67 Pall Mall approved system users. A customised Iconik Media Library solution was integrated by base which automatically scanned, indexed, and transcoded viewing proxies of the content for users to view.

Several other custom base features were included in the solution, improving the experience for the 67 Pall Mall team. This included metadata tagging with custom fields, Ai-powered automated transcription, and a review and approval feature which allowed time-based commenting by authorised users. Each of these features enhanced the digital workflow and enabled the 67 Pall Mall team to store, collaborate and deliver efficiently.

base created a bespoke integration with 67 Pall Mall’s third-party playout system, Veset Nimbus enabling the 67 Pall Mall team to export an individual file from the Media Library with a custom sidebar XML metadata file and share the asset via the central cloud storage platform, ready for playout to 67pallmall.tv.

base’s team of media and cloud experts provided comprehensive training and onboarding services for all users, to ensure the 67 Pall Mall team could take full advantage of the new bespoke workflow.

There are numerous benefits for 67 Pall Mall working with their new cloud-based digital workflows. Each element of the media management process can be scaled up and down depending on their needs. If content capture and creation increases, so can the storage and file transfer capacity, and the same applies if it were reduced. With content securely stored in the base cloud storage platform, the 67 Pall Mall team can access their content from any location, whenever it is needed. Unlocking a new way of working has enabled the 67 Pall Mall team to bring their members the finest food and wine content directly into their homes.

Richard Melman – “We put a terrific 24/7, 4K channel on air across the globe in less than six months under full lockdown. I have no hesitation in saying that without base this simply wouldn’t have been possible. It has become an essential tool for the whole team and enabled us to review, change and approve edits within hours. Often taking programmes from rough cut to on-air on the same day.”

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