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 Cloud-hosted Media Asset Management 

base provides cloud-hosted media asset management (MAM) solutions for storing, managing, searching and sharing digital media. Our tailored, cloud-native Media Libraries can be tailored for all aspects of digital media production, post-production, content distribution and archiving.

Create a secure, centralised, online media library

Choose from our cloud-based media asset management (MAM) solutions, connected to your base cloud storage

Organise your assets and tag with metadata

Benefit from rapid search and customised metadata tagging to ensure quick and easy discovery of your digital assets 

Share, view and review your digital media assets

Use built-in video streaming to seamlessly share, view, tag and comment on content, from anywhere at any time

Manage assets and automate transcoding workflows

Create collections, add metadata and benefit from automated transcoding, through one simple interface


iconik is a cloud-native media library solution, designed for creative production and post-production teams to seamlessly manage petabyte-scale media storage between on-premise and cloud, via one slick user interface. Automatically sync your content from your facility to base storage and benefit from built-in proxy video transcoding, metadata enrichment, view & review tools and content delivery features. This media library solution is perfect for video teams who also use Adobe CC suite and includes a direct panel integration for Adobe Premiere. Our cloud-hosted service leverages the power of IBM Cloud storage and IBM Cloud compute, interconnected to iconik’s easy to use interface, running in Google Cloud Platform. Scale-up from a single user to a multi-site, international platform on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Automated backup syncing and cloud storage gateway
  • Built-in upload, file sharing and delivery workflows
  • Automated and on-demand transcoding
  • Easy-to-use ‘View & Review’ for third-party approvals
  • Advanced metadata enrichment with simple customisation
  • Seamlessly integrated with Adobe CC Suite for post-production
  • Available with customised base plugins and workflows
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Veritone Digital Media Hub is a cloud-hosted media library solution, designed for digital asset management (DAM), content sales and distribution, enabling agencies, brands, rights holders and distributors to share content globally via a branded cloud portal.  Self-service distribution is possible from your web browser, by leveraging the scale of the base and Veritone cloud-based infrastructure.  Upload content with customisable metadata, auto-transcode masters to multiple formats and enable secure download for unlimited users.  This solution is perfect for companies wishing to create a branded shop window from which to promote, share and sell content, without the delays and costs of traditional facilities. Grow your content monetisation business with our fully managed solution, available with tailored subscription contracts.

  • Upload content via IBM Aspera with customisable metadata
  • Automatically process your files into multiple video formats
  • Fully branded portal with your logo, colours, fonts and domain
  • Easy-to-use search, curation and distribution tools
  • Advanced metadata enrichment with Veritone aiWARE integration
  • Download content via IBM Aspera with unlimited speeds
  • Also available with our entry-level ChilliVault service
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We have saved money and time on kit purchases, freed up in-house storage space and can keep our team focused purely on creating great quality video content.

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