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Bring the cloud to your Desktop.


Our Cloud Filespaces service, in partnership with LucidLink, enables you to replace traditional shared storage hardware and local networking and move team collaboration to a 100% cloud native environment. 

 This fully managed Cloud Shared Storage service enables distributed users to mount cloud storage to any computer just like a locally mounted network drive and collaborate globally over any Internet connection.

Reduce costs by removing hardware storage and use the cloud like it’s local  

Securely collaborate on content from anywhere in the world over the Internet 

Enable teams to work on files simultaneously from one shared cloud storage hub 

End-to-end data encryption included for all transfers and data storage 

Premium options including built-in multi-cloud backup for Disaster Recovery 

Built-in Snapshots capability for ‘point in time’ retrieval of deleted content 


Whether you’re just looking for simple, cloud-based storage, an easy way to collaborate with remote workers or replacing your on-premise shared storage hardware with a cloud-based solution, then our Cloud Filespaces service may be just what you need. Cloud Filespaces is a cloud-native file service that easily connects your local computer to BASE Media Cloud storage as if it were just another locally attached network drive. Capable of streaming files from the cloud directly to you, whilst also providing highly secure end-to-end encryption. You can even edit high-quality video footage directly from the Cloud. All data streams directly to your local machine with no need to download and sync entire files anymore.

Jonathan Wray, Technical Account Manager


This is a real gamechanger for companies who are having to adapt quickly to distributed home working and lower hardware purchasing budgets.  We can spin up a shared storage service in the cloud in minutes and have team-mates around the world working seamlessly – without changing the way they have worked for years.

Ben Foakes Founder & Managing Director, BASE Media Cloud

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