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Aspera on Cloud is a highly scalable solution providing secure, high-speed file transfer connected to BASE Media Cloud’s storage platform, with premium features including automation, multi-cloud storage management and custom metadata input.

With built-in accelerated file transfer and data encryption, you can ingest and distribute files and folders at maximum speed from global locations via any Internet connection.

Automatically scales on-demand for maximum speed 

Send share and receive content from one Workspace

Manage data across multiple cloud storage locations

Automate workflows and third-party file deliveries 

Upload files with customised metadata form

Seamlessly manage data across multiple storages 


With Aspera, transferring data to and from the cloud has never been easier, faster or more secure. Aspera on Cloud gives you access to all your content wherever you are and allows for controlled and seamless cloud sharing to everyone & anyone. With it’s built in UDP acceleration, bandwidth monitor and pause/resume transfer function, the Aspera Connect application gives you greater control over content transfer and makes uploading and downloading large folders quick & easy.

Daniel Silverwood, Sales Account Executive


It has made our transition from entirely office based to entirely remote based working pretty much seamless, allowing us to pick up from our homes on the Monday almost exactly where we had left off in the office on the Friday.
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Ian McGinty Head of Production

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