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Transform your media storage

Benefits of Cloud Storage Management for Media


Our storage is up to 50% cheaper than direct Public Cloud costs. Benefit from free bucket egress and free API calls with tailored subscriptions and predictable per-terabyte pricing. Make cloud storage a cost-effective foundation for your integrated online media solution.


Our cloud storage solutions are built using leading cloud-hosted infrastructure. Data is erasure coded across multiple data centers as standard and all data is encrypted in-flight and at rest. We provide optional versioning, geo-replication and multi-cloud replication options tailored to your needs.


The storage we provide is quick to set up and easy to manage. Scalable from 1 Terabyte to multiple Petabytes. Increase your storage capabilities as your requirements change. We have Global data center coverage enabling you to scale fast and serve your users wherever they are located.
Think Bigger. Think Cloud.