05 Jan 2022

base & Veritone a Year in Review 2021

Throughout 2021, base and Veritone have continued to innovate under difficult circumstances. Implementing a landmark solution for Extreme E and attending the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum were the highlights of the year.

Extreme E implemented a fully remote production for the global race series, which includes live coverage across race weekends, highlight shows, 30 minute race previews and over 300 VOD films for digital. It was a truly global operation with on-site content capture from locations such as Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Greenland, to a Barcelona-based AI system managing the car telemetry with AR and VR overlays in the Netherlands.

The base and Veritone partnership enabled Extreme E to manage content, with the ability to upload from anywhere into a centralised storage location as well as manipulate, search, view and download. Veritone’s Digital Media Hub (DMH), a cloud-native storage and content distribution platform, powers their operation. We manage this by integrating Digital Media Hub with our accelerated file transfer and cloud storage platform.

After transmission, all live programming and other content including highlights and digital content is uploaded to Digital Media Hub for rights holders to search, view, and use. More than 70 broadcasters have negotiated rights to Extreme E including Discovery, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BBC, ProSieben Maxx, Disney ESPN and TV Globo.

“The benefits of cloud production and distribution with base and Veritone is a real 101 for us,” said Dave Adey, head of broadcast and technology for Extreme E. “It’s the initial building blocks that we needed.”

In November, base and Veritone co-sponsored the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum at the BFI Southbank in London. A highlight of the event was a live panel called Racing Through the Clouds. BASE and Veritone were joined by Rupert Williamson, Events Director, Gran Turismo Explore Studio, Polyphony Digital Inc.

Rupert spoke in detail about the work his team are doing to support the famous FIA Gran Turismo Championships. Digital Media Hub, integrated with base’s accelerated file transfer and cloud storage platform, is used to support the production and distribution of all broadcast and event content around the world. With the combined technology, we brought together multiple production partners, teams, drivers, and other key stakeholders.

A key reason for success was the way that Digital Media Hub supported remote content upload from more than 50 drivers located all over the world during the World Finals. It was a COVID-19 related challenge that was overcome by the base and Veritone powered cloud-native solution.

“The Veritone and the base partnership is so successful because we have common business values and goals—in simple terms, we speak the same language.” said David Candler, Senior Director of Customer Solutions at Veritone. “We were both very early cloud adopters and continue to take full advantage of key cloud-native innovations and working practices. We also fully understand the enormous opportunity for Artificial Intelligence to assist in virtually every customer use case that we come across on our travels together. We look forward to continuing our combined success story for years to come.”

Building on our success with products like Digital Media Hub, base, and Veritone aim to expand their portfolio in the media and entertainment space with Enterprise AI solutions. With our consultative approach with customers, we can work with Veritone to uncover new use cases for artificial intelligence, growing our offerings together in 2022.

base is proud to be working with Veritone on our distribution services for sports, ad agencies and gaming brands. It has been fantastic working on Extreme E and the FIA Gran Turismo Championships in 2021 against a complex market backdrop and we look forward to pushing new boundaries in enterprise AI for our global customer base in 2022 and beyond” concludes Ben Foakes, base CEO.

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19 Jan 2021

EXTREME E Remote Working Case Study with BASE Media Cloud, Veritone and IBM Cloud.

A multicloud distribution platform from Base Media Cloud and Veritone helps off-road racing series Extreme E store, manage and share assets with multiple global partners.

Extreme E’s remote production needs necessitated collecting and distributing data from multiple sources
● The solution needed to allow them and their media partners to search, view and download content
● A combined solution from Base Media Cloud and Veritone helps meet sports production’s unique needs


Extreme E is an exciting new sports organisation that uses groundbreaking electric SUVs to race in remote parts of the world, from the Amazon rainforest to the Arctic, while raising awareness about climate change.

The series aims to bring viewers a completely new way to interact with racing, as each event seeks to not only entertain with high-speed races in exotic locations, but raise awareness of the need to protect these remote environments.

The series launches April 2021 in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and will continue in Senegal, Greenland, Brazil and the Amazon.

A complex production

With such an ambitious undertaking, Extreme E needs to employ a broad range of solutions to produce sensational race coverage, as the organisation revealed during a tech talk, “Remote Working at the Extremes,” at the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation event earlier this year. Extreme E needs to utilise technology such as track, on-board and POV cameras (across water features, jumps, etc.), drones, virtual reality and augmented reality, and timing and telemetry data will consist of hundreds of pieces of data that will then be fed into the live TV program.

For broadcast, its races will stream live on a variety of digital platforms. Each two-day race will conclude with a two-hour transmission, distributed to global rights holders. In addition, clips will need to be generated for TV shows, documentary series and social media.

Given the scale of production, Extreme E needed a system that would allow them to manage content that is created all over the world, including the ability to upload from anywhere into a centralised secure storage location. They also needed to be able to manipulate, search, view and download content; and to give this functionality to its authorised media partners.

If that level of operation weren’t enough, Extreme E is also fiercely dedicated to making its production as environmentally conscious as possible. By employing remote workflows, they can transport fewer people and equipment to each far-flung locale, reducing their carbon footprint.

“We’re a TV-only product. We don’t have spectators on-site, partly because we’re so remote, and partly because we ‘race without a trace’ — we don’t want people damaging the already delicate locations we’re at,” explains Dave Adey, head of broadcast and technology for Extreme E. “Being a TV product, content is our most valuable asset, and the robust management of that is a fundamental requirement.”

Implementing a remote workflow solution

Extreme E (and its production partners Aurora Media Worldwide and North One) chose to use a sports multi-cloud distribution solution created through a partnership between Base Media Cloud and Veritone, a centralised cloud storage provider that helps its clients manage multiple terabytes of data using multiple clouds. Base Media Cloud and Veritone began their partnership nearly four years ago to form the solution, which is already used to meet the unique needs of some of the largest sports federations in the world.

The sports solution combines accelerated file transfer and cloud object storage services from Base Media Cloud with Veritone’s Digital Media Hub AI-powered intelligent asset management system for a cloud-native integration from which all global content access is handled in the cloud, making it ideal for remote workflows. It standardises the ingest process from multiple partners, accelerates content into secure object storage and then provides instant access to those assets to key rights holders and stakeholders, such as broadcasters, teams and sponsors. This takes place at the heart of the production, where multiple production companies and partners can coordinate upload and standardise media access.

By using Base Media Cloud and Veritone’s solution, Extreme E coordinates and simplifies their content and metadata aggregation from multiple partners and makes it easier to discover and share content globally and securely. The combined platform is built to scale, is able to connect to multiple services as the business grows (e.g. a comprehensive range of AI services, eCommerce for monetisation, open API’s for third party connectivity, remote editing, branded channels for streaming purposes, automated distribution workflows, etc.)

“The benefits of cloud production and distribution with Base Media Cloud and Veritone is a real 101 for us,” Adey says. “It’s the initial building blocks that we need.”

If you’re interested in exploring implementing our combined sports solution in your own organisation, get in touch with one of our representatives to see how you can solve your remote working challenges.

Read more about Extreme E


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27 Nov 2020

Extreme E Enhances Environmental Reputation With Cloud-Based Distribution

The competition is working with Base Media Cloud and Veritone to create a cloud-native storage and content distribution platform.

Speaking at the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum, Extreme E head of broadcast and technology, Dave Adey, Base Media Cloud managing director Ben Foakes, and Veritone senior director, customer solutions, David Candler, have explained how they’ve worked together to deliver a cloud-based content distribution system and remote broadcast workflow for the competition.

Adey explained the importance of this work: “Our TV compound needs to be self-sufficient. Everything will be back hauled to a production gallery in London, with track-side equipment at a minimum”.

“The ability to search, view and download, not only for us but for rights holders and media partners, is vital – so Base and Veritone are a 101 for us, it’s the building blocks for what we need.”

Both of these systems help Extreme E to achieve its environmental aims, with less equipment at the endangered sites where races take place and fewer resources used in terms of servers and electricity.


Candler said: “We’re environmentally aware… working with public cloud infrastructures with fewer servers used, less electricity consumption, architectures designed at scale for efficient energy use, etc.”

Foakes said of the BASE Media Cloud’s platform capabilities: “In addition to storage, file transfer and distribution – in the future you can do things like remote editing, spring up branded channels, automate distributing workflows.”

Candler added on Veritone Digital Media Hub’s capabilities: “Multiple production companies and partners can co-ordinate upload and we can standardise media delivery…plus provide instant access to the key stakeholders or rights holders across the world.”

Extreme E is set to launch next year, with the first race taking place in Al-‘Ula, Saudi Arabia in March.

‘Secure Your BASE Media Cloud Special Offer with Free Access to Veritone’s Flagship Applications for 60 Days Here

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30 Sep 2019

BASE Media Cloud – Online Video at Scale 

Live Video Stream Event 

Monday30th September, 2019 

4 PM BST | 11 AM EDT | 8 AM PDT 

The world of online video has blown up and is taking over the Internet…   

As a result, brands operating in video production, post-production and distribution are re-designing their technical approach and business models in order to deal with the explosion of digital content. 

 Join our live BASE Media Cloud video stream event on 30th September 2019 as we interview guest speakers from pioneering companies including COPA90, Green Rock, Fifty Fifty and The Engine House Media Services, a sister company of Arrow Films, discussing their new and innovative approaches to dealing with online video content at scale.  

There’s still time to join us.  Don’t miss your chance to view this exclusive live video event. 

Click Here

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11 Aug 2019


For diehard football fans everywhere, COPA90 is “How Football Feels.” That tagline says it all: As the world’s largest independent football media business, COPA90 reaches millions of fans and followers across a multitude of online platforms and social media channels. Unlike traditional rights holders that stream live matches, COPA90 focuses on the world of fan culture – serving up a rich helping of content ranging from chats with favourite footballers and in-depth documentaries to amazing animations and explainers about the biggest stories in the game.


In its role as a content creator and publisher, COPA90 has amassed a tremendous volume of content over the years – close to 350 terabytes representing millions of individual video assets. Content was formerly stored on many different types of disconnected repositories ranging from portable hard drives to individual Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. With storage so fragmented, COPA90 editorial teams didn’t have a comprehensive means of searching on and discovering specific types of content.

“As we started to scale the business, we realized we needed a more effective way of managing our content assets to keep us as agile as possible,” says Barry Flanigan, chief product officer at COPA90.

“Job number one was to get our hugely valuable content archive into a secure cloud system, where it could be organized, intelligently tagged, and made instantly accessible to our editorial teams around the world. And job number two was to make it fast and easy for those teams to publish that content across our distributed media network, including our own websites and social platforms and those of our distribution partners, broadcasters, and OTT platforms.”

COPA90 explored various traditional media asset management (MAM) options, including “rolling their own” in-house solution, but in the end decided to move to a 100% cloud-native MAM system. In addition to near-instant search, access, use, and distribution of targeted content, the COPA90 team felt that the cloud would offer greater security and system redundancy for protecting content assets.


With those objectives in mind, COPA90 chose two key technology partners – BASE Media Cloud and Veritone – to deliver an end-to-end, multicloud solution based on best-of-breed technologies. With BASE Media Cloud providing IBM Cloud Object Storage, the system incorporates Veritone Core for cloud-native enterprise asset management. In addition, the cloud MAM system drives a branded Veritone Digital Media Hub, a white-label portal for management, delivery, and monetization – including the optional e-commerce functionality to license content to media partners around the world.

In record time – a little more than four weeks – the team completed the first phases of the project. All 350 terabytes of data were securely backed up and migrated to the cloud, and each asset was indexed and tagged with rich metadata to facilitate fast and easy search and retrieval and delivery to COPA90’s global platforms.

Ben Foakes, founder and managing director of BASE Media Cloud, comments,

“Typically, old-fashioned MAM projects are notorious for taking months and years and millions of dollars to complete. But our tight working relationship with Veritone from previous sports-related projects, together with automation built into the Veritone Core and Digital Media Hub applications, meant we were able to build the multicloud MAM solution on time and on budget. And since this is a pay-as-you-go, software-as-a-service cloud solution, it will scale very easily as COPA90’s content continues to grow.”


Content time to delivery is a core element in COPA90’s business model, and one that has been greatly accelerated through the new multicloud MAM system.

“It’s really critical that we’re able to capture football moments as they occur and turn content around very, very quickly. What just happened in the game that fans are buzzing about on social media and messaging platforms? We have to get the content out there while the conversation is still happening, particularly with our young audience,” Flanigan comments.

After a particularly exciting match or other high- profile events, COPA90 receives a huge influx of fan-generated content from its Fan Creator network. The new multicloud MAM system enables the editorial team to clip, edit, and publish videos to multiple platforms in a fraction of the time it took with the old manual processes.

The true value of moving data storage and file transfer to the cloud hit home last June with COPA90’s coverage of the FIFA World Cup in Moscow.

“We had roving production teams that were at the games throughout Russia, in addition to our production and editorial teams in London, New York, Los Angeles and Latin America. And we also had around 300 Fan Creators sending in footage from locations around the world,” Flanigan explains. “With the BASE Media Cloud storage system, we were able to make that fan content, along with the content we were creating in Russia, available almost instantly to our global editorial team. For the big emotional moments – for instance, when Germany got knocked out of the group stages and Mexico was able to advance – we were able to publish amazing footage of the fan reactions almost as they were happening.”
Flanigan adds, “We don’t have the massive resources of a traditional broadcaster, so this is a perfect example of how a cloud infrastructure can benefit an organization like ours. Our team was able to operate very quickly to create brilliant content.”



With the initial successes of the multicloud MAM solution, COPA90 is now working with BASE Media Cloud and Veritone to expand the system’s AI-driven workflows and intelligent metadata features.




“Veritone is intrinsic to this entire venture, not just for the brilliant MAM capabilities of Veritone Core, but also because we have access to (Veritone) aiWARE. It means we have a powerful toolkit to tap into and build clever AI workflows for managing inbound streams and outputting content with cognitively enriched metadata, which significantly assists in the rapid discovery and monetization of content.”


“It’s early days with the AI features, but our vision is to deliver tailored content to individual fans on the device of their choosing, based on their location, the teams they support, and the types of content they have interacted with previously. That requires outstanding metadata enriched by AI, and an automated process that goes beyond what our human editors can accomplish.”


With aiWARE , COPA90 will be able to automate content tagging and apply rich metadata that incorporates features like facial recognition, object detection, and automatic content/image classification.

“The ability to surface tailored content to fans automatically is just one huge advantage of rich metadata. The aiWARE platform will also make it much easier to find and reuse assets with specific items appearing in the shot; for instance, we have a huge volume of content shot over the years at exotic locations around the world with specific football stadiums in the background,” Flanigan notes. “Unless the editor specifically tagged the content with the name of the stadium, it would be really difficult to find that content. But with AI-driven tagging, we’ll be able to search and access these assets in an instant and use them to add even more color to our coverage.”


As a front end for content search, access, and retrieval, Veritone’s Digital Media Hub is already in use internally by the COPA90 team to create playlists and aggregate content for editorial teams around the world. As a next step, COPA90 is working with BASE Media Cloud and Veritone to build out the portal as a “shop window” for the types of content that can be licensed to specific distribution partners, including large media outlets.

“We’ve recognized that this huge volume of content that we’ve created over the years is actually a commercial product in its own right, with huge new potential for monetization,” Flanigan says. “We already get inbound requests from people such as broadcasters, filmmakers, and documentarians for specific clips, and now we see opportunities to create and market even more robust licensing products to our large media partners.”

He adds, “Digital Media Hub will make it possible for us to organize the assets and then make it quick and easy for people to come in and access the content they’re looking for, under the terms of a commercial, marketing, or editorial relationship. And one of the great things about Digital Media Hub is that Veritone has built in flexible terms that give different partners different types of access, based on their requirements and the specific license.”

Again, Veritone aiWARE plays an important role. David Candler, senior director of customer solutions, channel for Veritone, comments, “Digital Media Hub is what happens when an enterprise video platform meets an AI operating system. With AI-enriched metadata, not only will licensees be able to search and discover the precise content they’re looking for, but COPA90 will be able to surface specific types of content to distribution partners based on their profiles. For example, an Argentinian publisher would see a very different set of content than a distribution partner in Germany.”


To date, COPA90 has migrated around half a petabyte of high-resolution media files to the multicloud MAM platform, launched international content distribution services, and enabled global file sharing between their London- and New York-based production teams representing hundreds of staff members. COPA90 is forecasting petabyte-scale growth in video assets – an expansion rate that simply would not have been achievable if they had chosen to build a traditional on- premises MAM infrastructure.

“Our long-term goal is to get our content on as many screens as possible around the world,” Flanigan notes.


“The exciting thing about the FIFA World Cup last June (2018) was that it showed us how much we could achieve by moving our content assets to the cloud – and we could innovate in the realm of content publishing for a major worldwide sporting event.”

He adds that just before the football tournament, COPA90 launched a new service in China with help from a local partner that translates videos into Mandarin and assists with publication of content to the largest Chinese social media platforms. By August, COPA90 had generated more than a million new followers in China.

“Our Chinese launch is a brilliant example of how the multicloud MAM allows us to publish content in English and then make the project immediately available for localization in another language. They’re not just slapping on Mandarin subtitles – they have all the layers of the project, which enables them to recut and re-edit the video to make it relevant to Chinese fans,” Flanigan explains. “Trying to do something like that without the cloud would have been an incredibly clunky process of moving files around. And the end product would not have been as good because it would have been more difficult for the local partner to access the raw files needed for the localization.”

Working with BASE Media Cloud and Veritone to build the multicloud MAM infrastructure has opened new horizons for COPA90 to expand its business, reach new global markets, and respond nimbly with exciting, fan-pleasing content for every major happening in the global football world.

“With our business built on scalable, flexible cloud-native technology, the sky’s the limit,” Flanigan says.


Veritone’s Candler adds, “Unlike many traditional media enterprises that are replacing old legacy systems, COPA90 is a modern online company that was born to the cloud and therefore a perfect candidate for Core and Digital Media Hub; in fact, it began as a YouTube channel. That gave it the luxury of building just the right cloud infrastructure from the beginning, and the ability to scale flexibly and rapidly. It’s been a pleasure to partner with BASE Media Cloud and COPA90 on this transformative project, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting company.”

To download PDF version click, here.

Read more here.

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12 Sep 2018

COPA90 choose BASE for the World Cup

COPA90 is the largest independent football media business in the world, reaching over 100 million people across a multitude of online platforms and social media channels. With a unique brand of fan-centric content, COPA90 has become the hub for a global football-obsessed youth culture that is driving the exploding popularity of the sport. According to the Nielsen World Football Report released just before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, “the global reach of football, or soccer, is unequalled among sports in terms of value to media and sponsors.”

In many ways, COPA90’s model is ushering in a new era of international sports production. Made possible by the Internet and advances in IP technology, this era rests on the capacity to quickly and easily move media files around the globe and store them in accessible, searchable systems. To meet the demands of major sports events, COPA90 relies on a close partnership with BASE Media Cloud for managed multi-cloud services, integrating Signiant Media Shuttle for large-scale global file transfers.

One of the best examples of COPA90’s dominance was their record-breaking coverage of the 2018 World Cup in Russia last summer. This case study covers how they did it with the help of BASE Media Cloud, Signiant Media Shuttle and an innovative model for capturing unheard of volumes of content from fans around the world.

Creator Fans Around the World

Throughout the World Cup, COPA90 not only posted their own professionally produced content, but also video from a legion of 230 handpicked “creator fans” from over 40 countries. Generating volumes of footage, creator fans on the ground at the World Cup in Russia captured fans’ reactions to critical moments of triumph and failure. Others recorded responses at gatherings of people watching those same matches around the world.

And then there’s the meta-commentary-generating-meta-experience videos (you, watching them talk, as they watch athletes or fans, which makes you feel like you’re watching together) — a magic formula for building fandom empires, pioneered and perfected by the YouTube generation. In fact, COPA90 started off as a humble YouTube channel back in 2012, and has since become a distributed network across every social platform that matters to young fans, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and international platforms like Weibo in China and VK in Russia. The company is also building out its owned and operated channels and has built a distribution network of more than 200 publishers, influencers and broadcasters worldwide.

“COPA90 is How Football Feels – it’s the emotional connection with the game, the world of fan culture, that helps us engage so many young football fans around the world. It’s also why so many brands, broadcasters and federations look to partner with us,” said Barry Flanigan, Chief Product Officer at COPA90.

“Nowhere was that more evident last year than at the FIFA World Cup in Russia where we scaled our publishing output to more than six thousand content assets across multiple platforms, generating more than 750 million views through the tournament.”

“We simply couldn’t have scaled our operations for the World Cup without creating robust cloud-based infrastructure, supported by our partners BASE Media Cloud and Signiant.”

Ramping Up Cloud Technology

COPA90’s exceptional reach has attracted the attention of big broadcasters and brand sponsors. However, their business model diverges from the old guard equally as much as their content does. To complement their own in-house production COPA90 has built a global community of fans creating content on their behalf around the world. In this way they keep a light core team and rely on their ability to rapidly expand content output, technology and budget as needed.

COPA90 works with BASE Media Cloud to access the latest cloud-based technology, on demand. Providing access to near-unlimited compute resources without requiring heavy investment in on-premises software and hardware, cloud solutions are a perfect match for a high-growth online content company covering a huge international event, especially if they can essentially rent what is needed for the event.

For the World Cup, COPA90 contracted BASE Media Cloud to provide the cloud storage and file transfer technology necessary for bringing huge volumes of content back to their facilities in London and New York.

BASE Media Cloud plus Signiant Media Shuttle

BASE Media Cloud is a unique multi-cloud managed services provider for Media & Entertainment companies, with a vertical focus on Sports, Online Video and Distribution. Their business model rests on seeking out the best cloud-native SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions in the industry and connecting them back to their own centralised cloud gateway network and cloud storage platform. For fast, media file transfers over IP networks — both between people around the world and to the cloud — BASE leverages Signiant’s Media Shuttle for over 30 of its international media clients.

“Signiant has been one of our main SaaS product partners since we launched in 2015. We now have multiple companies all round the world using our Signiant Media Shuttle and cloud storage platform to upload, download, and share broadcast deliveries.
said Ben Foakes, Managing Director at BASE Media Cloud.

Media Shuttle is a really rock-solid solution, which has run consistently on our platform since 2015, dealing with Petabytes of content ingest and delivery.”

Working with COPA90 is a perfect opportunity for BASE Media Cloud to show off what they do best — developing a strategy and quickly spinning up specific services from their suite of best-in-class partner solutions. Companies like COPA90 have a lot of different workflow requirements for specific projects, amounting to different business models within the same business.

Supporting COPA90’s World Cup coverage relied on quickly transferring massive amounts of files and making them continuously accessible in BASE Media Cloud storage. Thus, Media Shuttle was central to their strategy, not only for getting footage from COPA90 producers and creator fans back to London and New York, but they also used Media Shuttle for the migration of half a petabyte of data into BASE Media Cloud’s storage platform for COPA90’s secure long-term archive.

Adjacent to that, BASE Media Cloud runs a fully managed Media Asset Management and content sales portal service for COPA90, built in partnership with Wazee Digital (a Veritone Company), where they perform automated encoding in AWS, streaming and playback of content, and enable global users to view and manage COPA90 content. It also serves as a centralized library with metadata allowing for easy search. All of this is cloud hosted and managed by BASE Media Cloud as part of their multi-cloud service portfolio.

“What we are providing for COPA90 is unique in that it allows a business with minimal on-premise infrastructure to do really big events and to work at a global scale,” says Foakes. “We provide cloud storage, but we don’t charge egress fees, so the costs of storing and transiting masses of data with BASE Media Cloud are very predictable and manageable for our clients.”

“We are bringing the power of multi-cloud services, including Signiant, when and where they need it most, without any of the hassle of looking after the technology in-house.”

Read more here.

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