10 May 2021

Green Rock cements hybrid cloud facility

The pandemic panicked much of the post industry into remote workarounds. Now, as vaccine rollouts bring back some normality, companies are grappling with the long-term structure of work and office life.

“The pandemic has drop kicked the industry 5-10 years into the future,” says Niels Stevens, Snr Solutions Consultant Pro Video and Broadcast Workflows, Adobe. “Some companies already moving in the direction of cloud are setting themselves up for a full cloud-based workflow. Others who have made large investments in hardware are having to segue into a hybrid model as they go towards remote.”

These ideas and the technology underpinning them are explored in a webinar hosted by Broadcast and featuring a live demo of a hybrid cloud workflow connecting sites in London with New York and Los Angeles.

“Our journey to cloud predated the pandemic,” explains Simon Green, founder and CEO of Green Rock, a production and post production agency based in London and LA. “I had my first conversations about a completely virtual post facility over a decade ago. Distributed collaborative post production is no longer a dream. It is now a reality.”

With clients including ITV, NatWest, Netflix and XPRIZE, Green Rock is among the first UK facilities to transition away from bricks and mortar into a completely cloud-based shop.

“For us, cloud infrastructure means less capital investment in on-premise solutions and a more flexible approach to team working,” Green says. “These issues have magnified in recent months as more and more clients have begun requesting a more agile way of working.”

In the webinar, Green explains more of his thinking. “We are always looking to create the future first and get that advantage for us, and our partners. We are therefore looking to move completely out of our Soho facility and to use cloud to connect clients and colleagues with media and creative tools. It frees us up to scale at a global level like we have only imagined.”

“We have major brands and broadcasters keen to work with us because they can see that we are not limited to the physical suites we have on site. We can start to build a facility using cloud resources that enables us to bill and be billed by the hour.”

The demo explained

Green Rock is well on the way to achieving this with technology partner BASE Media Cloud, leveraging an integrated cloud-based platform with SaaS products from Adobe, Bebop and Iconik.

“What we’ve designed together with Green Rock and are rolling out for them will allow their US and UK teams to collaborate remotely via the Iconik cloud MAM,” says Ben Foakes, Founder & Managing Director, BASE Media Cloud. “On prem storage remains for high performance tasks with burst capacity enabled in the cloud.”

“There are no longer big fat PC towers under the desk,” Foakes adds. “It will be an entirely virtual workstation environment enabling Green Rock to re-invent its editing strategy.”

BASE Media Cloud acts as the cloud agnostic storage hub into which media applications such as Iconik, with integrations into the Adobe Creative Cloud suite are plugged. Access to application is by simple login secured with multifactor authentication.  Remote Workstations are powered by BeBop Technology, running on AWS.

“In essence this means your data becomes centralised in the cloud, your workstations run in the cloud but your users can be anywhere in the world,” Foakes says.

The evolution of post

Anecdotally it seems that from VFX boutiques to global broadcasters the industry is coming out of the pandemic seeking a more formalised and long-term strategy.

“At the start of COVID, everyone was in a rush,” Foakes says. “The broadcast and post community moved to nomadic working and had to quickly spin up reactive solutions such as using a Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or running remote desktop or PcoIP sessions. These were temporary solutions because no one really had time to design for it.”

“Now we’re seeing a huge wave of interest in reducing the size of premises but not moving 100 percent to the cloud. It’s about changing the ratio.”

Post production has evolved. From the days of physical film cutting, into tape-to-tape and the transition at the end of the 1980s into nonlinear file-based editing, now things have gone pure digital.

“The virtual hybrid cloud has arrived as part of the eventual move towards full virtual,” Foakes said.

View the webinar including the live demo of virtual hybrid cloud:



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30 Sep 2019

BASE Media Cloud – Online Video at Scale 

Live Video Stream Event 

Monday30th September, 2019 

4 PM BST | 11 AM EDT | 8 AM PDT 

The world of online video has blown up and is taking over the Internet…   

As a result, brands operating in video production, post-production and distribution are re-designing their technical approach and business models in order to deal with the explosion of digital content. 

 Join our live BASE Media Cloud video stream event on 30th September 2019 as we interview guest speakers from pioneering companies including COPA90, Green Rock, Fifty Fifty and The Engine House Media Services, a sister company of Arrow Films, discussing their new and innovative approaches to dealing with online video content at scale.  

There’s still time to join us.  Don’t miss your chance to view this exclusive live video event. 

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14 Sep 2019

Interconnection Drives Dynamic Content as Media Industry Embraces Cloud

Cloud-based media solutions business creates global scale and connectivity on Platform Equinix®

“Platform Equinix gives us speed, security and efficiency by enabling us to seamlessly connect multiple cloud services together via our own cloud gateway network. We can spin up resources in minutes, all security accredited. Working from a densely connected location has transformed our efficiency.”

Ben Foakes, Founder and Managing Director, BASE Media Cloud

Business overview

The media industry is moving faster and becoming more fragmented. With more content being produced and more consumers streaming entertainment, sporting events and news on devices at home, at work and on the go, media companies must be able to serve up the content consumers want whenever they want it. For BASE Media Cloud, which tailors cloud solutions for digital media companies, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Business challenge

As a cloud-based services provider in an industry that is increasingly cloud-native, BASE Media Cloud needed to accommodate the rising volumes of media files being acquired, processed and delivered throughout the media production process. BASE Media Cloud processes hundreds of terabytes of data for clients every month, requiring maximum bandwidth and bespoke peering with leading cloud and IT partners to make this possible.

In addition, the company needed reliability, security, high speed and low latency (in some cases submilliseconds between services) to satisfy its customers, from producers to delivery systems, for worldwide on-demand data exchange. And it needed the ability to move into new markets quickly.


BASE Media Cloud’s founder and managing director, Ben Foakes, is a strong believer in the power of the cloud for everything from file backup and file transfer to processing, storage, postproduction and distribution.

In its search for the right solution, the BASE Media Cloud team turned to Equinix. Platform Equinix is the world’s largest global platform of interconnected data centers and business ecosystems, connecting more than 9,800 companies in 24 countries inside more than 200 International Business Exchange(IBX®) data centers.

This cloud and network density ensures superior interconnection, powering collaboration among customers and ecosystems, including more than 750 content and digital media companies worldwide. By colocating within the 129,000 square foot (12,000 square meter) Equinix LD6 IBX data center in the London area, BASE Media Cloud gains direct, private access to content and media companies, cloud and IT service providers, financial service providers and many other companies.

Securely interconnected with digital supply chain partners in dynamic business ecosystems, BASE Media Cloud can accommodate the increasing volume of media files it handles, while accelerating business performance and reaching new markets.

Business results

With the 99.9999% availability of Platform Equinix for seamless access to multiple cloud providers, BASE Media Cloud is able to create bespoke service packages with best-of-breed cloud solutions.

The cost savings are significant. Foakes says Platform Equinix has helped reduce BASE Media Cloud’s data storage costs alone by one-third. For BASE Media Cloud, the benefits of interconnecting via Platform Equinix are clear:

Provides the agility to react quickly to frequent changes in the digital media industry, such as the transition from satellite to streaming delivery.

Enables the business to accommodate bursts in demand around broadcast events, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Establishes a global expansion roadmap, simplifying the means to open in new Equinix facilities near new markets.

“Platform Equinix means we can peer direct to multiple cloud providers. This has a huge impact on the ability to control data traffic costs,” says Foakes.


About Equinix

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most-interconnected data centers. On this global platform for digital business, companies come together across more than 50 markets on five continents to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything they need to create their digital futures.


To download a PDF version, click here

Continue reading here.

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30 Jan 2019

iconik and Base Media Cloud Partner for Easy Media Collaborations

BASE Media Cloud and iconik Partner for Easy Media Collaborations

BASE Media Cloud and iconik Media® Partner to Deliver Integrated Cloud Services for Little Dot Studios

We’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with BASE Media Cloud to integrate iconik, our cloud video hub, into BASE Media Cloud’s managed cloud services platform. The integration will enable the organisation and easy collaboration of media content throughout the production, post-production and delivery workflow. 

BASE Media Cloud delivers globally-available cloud services for digital media companies of all sizes, enabling them to securely store, process, edit, and distribute media online. The managed services mean media companies, with little-to-no in-house engineering resources, can benefit from the power and cost-savings of the cloud, whilst increasing the security and flexibility of their media file operations.

The integration of iconik with the BASE Media Cloud platform makes it easy for BASE Media Cloud clients to ‘plug in’ cloud services to their existing post production infrastructure. They also benefit from opportunities to share and collaborate with global stakeholders and manage multi-Petabyte media archives with one easy-to-use cloud-based interface.

 iconik is a hybrid video hub for managing, sharing, and collaborating on media. We designed it to keep media assets secure and organized, while ensuring global access. Using a hybrid architecture, assets can be stored in the cloud, on-premises, or as a mixture of the two, while enabling access to the entire library. It includes a powerful API making customization and integration with other tools simple.


Both company founders are excited about how this partnership will make media collaboration easier for their clients.

“We have had huge demand from clients wanting an easy-to-use post-production, collaboration and archive MAM, seamlessly integrated with Adobe and our unique, zero egress cost BASE Media Cloud storage and file transfer services. The BASE and iconik teams have developed a joint solution which gives access to cutting-edge tech for users and companies of all sizes, available out-of-the-box, with minimal cost. We are very excited about working together and we are already rolling out multiple iconik accounts for our global clients.” – Ben Foakes, Founder & Managing Director, BASE Media Cloud
“Media companies are increasingly understanding the value of the cloud across the entire media workflow. BASE is enabling flexibility with tailored cloud solutions that meet the fast-changing needs of the digital media industry. It is great that iconik is able to complement that.” – Parham Azimi, CEO, iconik Media

iconik has already been deployed by BASE Media Cloud as part of an implementation for Little Dot Studios. They are a digital content studio and broadcaster specializing in production of original and brand funded content, distribution and monetization of video content across all social platforms. 

“The combination of the BASE Media Cloud storage, file transfer and transcoding services, integrated with iconik provides a platform fit for growth, and avoids heavy allocation of time and resource on constant re-assessment of internal hardware solutions and processes. This frees up capital that can then be focused on creative work and content distribution i.e. services our clients in turn value.” – Kevin Gibbons, CFO, Little Dot Studios
To find out more read here.
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