05 Jan 2022

base & Veritone a Year in Review 2021

Throughout 2021, base and Veritone have continued to innovate under difficult circumstances. Implementing a landmark solution for Extreme E and attending the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum were the highlights of the year.

Extreme E implemented a fully remote production for the global race series, which includes live coverage across race weekends, highlight shows, 30 minute race previews and over 300 VOD films for digital. It was a truly global operation with on-site content capture from locations such as Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Greenland, to a Barcelona-based AI system managing the car telemetry with AR and VR overlays in the Netherlands.

The base and Veritone partnership enabled Extreme E to manage content, with the ability to upload from anywhere into a centralised storage location as well as manipulate, search, view and download. Veritone’s Digital Media Hub (DMH), a cloud-native storage and content distribution platform, powers their operation. We manage this by integrating Digital Media Hub with our accelerated file transfer and cloud storage platform.

After transmission, all live programming and other content including highlights and digital content is uploaded to Digital Media Hub for rights holders to search, view, and use. More than 70 broadcasters have negotiated rights to Extreme E including Discovery, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BBC, ProSieben Maxx, Disney ESPN and TV Globo.

“The benefits of cloud production and distribution with base and Veritone is a real 101 for us,” said Dave Adey, head of broadcast and technology for Extreme E. “It’s the initial building blocks that we needed.”

In November, base and Veritone co-sponsored the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum at the BFI Southbank in London. A highlight of the event was a live panel called Racing Through the Clouds. BASE and Veritone were joined by Rupert Williamson, Events Director, Gran Turismo Explore Studio, Polyphony Digital Inc.

Rupert spoke in detail about the work his team are doing to support the famous FIA Gran Turismo Championships. Digital Media Hub, integrated with base’s accelerated file transfer and cloud storage platform, is used to support the production and distribution of all broadcast and event content around the world. With the combined technology, we brought together multiple production partners, teams, drivers, and other key stakeholders.

A key reason for success was the way that Digital Media Hub supported remote content upload from more than 50 drivers located all over the world during the World Finals. It was a COVID-19 related challenge that was overcome by the base and Veritone powered cloud-native solution.

“The Veritone and the base partnership is so successful because we have common business values and goals—in simple terms, we speak the same language.” said David Candler, Senior Director of Customer Solutions at Veritone. “We were both very early cloud adopters and continue to take full advantage of key cloud-native innovations and working practices. We also fully understand the enormous opportunity for Artificial Intelligence to assist in virtually every customer use case that we come across on our travels together. We look forward to continuing our combined success story for years to come.”

Building on our success with products like Digital Media Hub, base, and Veritone aim to expand their portfolio in the media and entertainment space with Enterprise AI solutions. With our consultative approach with customers, we can work with Veritone to uncover new use cases for artificial intelligence, growing our offerings together in 2022.

base is proud to be working with Veritone on our distribution services for sports, ad agencies and gaming brands. It has been fantastic working on Extreme E and the FIA Gran Turismo Championships in 2021 against a complex market backdrop and we look forward to pushing new boundaries in enterprise AI for our global customer base in 2022 and beyond” concludes Ben Foakes, base CEO.

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22 Nov 2021

“We put a terrific 24/7, 4K channel on air across the globe in less than six months”

67 Pall Mall is a private member’s club that brings together people who have a passion for wine and fine dining. The club has recently launched 67pallmall.tv, a free channel available to anyone. The channel’s content is created by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Live and on-demand, the channel’s content includes virtual wine tasting and programmes featuring winemakers, experts and industry leaders. To launch the channel, 67 Pall Mall needed a central platform to store, edit and manage the content.

Managing content for the new channel across the globe created numerous challenges. Transferring files from the shoot location to the central London office, a way to manage the content that included an approval system and a custom workflow that enabled assets to be exported from their MAM to a third-party playout system, Veset Nimbus. The editors, production staff, and producers all needed to be able to access the content remotely, with minimal friction, and collaborate seamlessly during the editing process.

base conducted a digital workflow audit to identify the most effective and cost-efficient way to solve these challenges, without compromising on the user experience for the team. Storage was managed first, with a centralised cloud storage solution, erasure coding data across three UK data centres for additional peace of mind. To enable super-fast file transfer in and out of the cloud, base deployed a UDP accelerated transfer service with an easy-to-use branded web interface. With enterprise-grade security, users on-location could upload rushes directly to the base storage platform at Internet line speed, accessible for all 67 Pall Mall approved system users. A customised Iconik Media Library solution was integrated by base which automatically scanned, indexed, and transcoded viewing proxies of the content for users to view.

Several other custom base features were included in the solution, improving the experience for the 67 Pall Mall team. This included metadata tagging with custom fields, Ai-powered automated transcription, and a review and approval feature which allowed time-based commenting by authorised users. Each of these features enhanced the digital workflow and enabled the 67 Pall Mall team to store, collaborate and deliver efficiently.

base created a bespoke integration with 67 Pall Mall’s third-party playout system, Veset Nimbus enabling the 67 Pall Mall team to export an individual file from the Media Library with a custom sidebar XML metadata file and share the asset via the central cloud storage platform, ready for playout to 67pallmall.tv.

base’s team of media and cloud experts provided comprehensive training and onboarding services for all users, to ensure the 67 Pall Mall team could take full advantage of the new bespoke workflow.

There are numerous benefits for 67 Pall Mall working with their new cloud-based digital workflows. Each element of the media management process can be scaled up and down depending on their needs. If content capture and creation increases, so can the storage and file transfer capacity, and the same applies if it were reduced. With content securely stored in the base cloud storage platform, the 67 Pall Mall team can access their content from any location, whenever it is needed. Unlocking a new way of working has enabled the 67 Pall Mall team to bring their members the finest food and wine content directly into their homes.

Richard Melman – “We put a terrific 24/7, 4K channel on air across the globe in less than six months under full lockdown. I have no hesitation in saying that without base this simply wouldn’t have been possible. It has become an essential tool for the whole team and enabled us to review, change and approve edits within hours. Often taking programmes from rough cut to on-air on the same day.”

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19 Nov 2021

base accredited as Adobe Video Solutions Partner

Digital media cloud solutions experts, base, receive Adobe recognition by being named an Adobe Video Solutions Partner. Expanding on a close relationship between the two companies, the new program will see base receive privileged access to knowledge-sharing, training and developer tools from Adobe, whilst supporting Adobe customers with their move to the cloud.


The program will continue to build on the expert cloud and media workflow knowledge of the team at base. With a customer base of over 80 global companies, base has seen a huge uptake of Adobe Creative Cloud by its end-user base and has developed a number of 100% cloud-native solutions and integrations with Adobe. These include backup, shared storage, media asset management and fully virtualised post-production facilities services.


Michael Gamböck, Senior Strategic Development Manager, Creative Cloud Video comments on the partnership, “We are pleased to have base join our network of Adobe Video Solution Partners. We have been working together successfully for years, and we will intensify this cooperation. The already deep knowledge about our solutions has been enhanced through intensive training and a know-how transfer so that our customers can benefit from base‘s comprehensive service offering.”


As part of the new partnership, base is now investing in a number of deeper cloud integrations with Adobe’s software portfolio, including a forthcoming storage integration with recently acquired Frame.io.


The base partnership with Adobe has enabled a transformational shift in the working practices for content creation, production, and post-production. Utilizing base’s platform, custom integrations and portfolio of custom applications, base is able to seamlessly integrate Adobe remotely and empower its customers to transition into both hybrid and fully-remote working solutions.


Ben Foakes, base CEO said:“The whole team is really excited to be working with Adobe. It’s a major inflection point for base, being partnered with one of the world’s biggest creative software brands. We have been pioneering cloud-based solutions for digital media workflows since 2014 and this new partnership is going to further boost our cloud solutions portfolio, our growth strategy, and the supportive relationships we have with our global customer base”



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10 May 2021

Green Rock cements hybrid cloud facility

The pandemic panicked much of the post industry into remote workarounds. Now, as vaccine rollouts bring back some normality, companies are grappling with the long-term structure of work and office life.

“The pandemic has drop kicked the industry 5-10 years into the future,” says Niels Stevens, Snr Solutions Consultant Pro Video and Broadcast Workflows, Adobe. “Some companies already moving in the direction of cloud are setting themselves up for a full cloud-based workflow. Others who have made large investments in hardware are having to segue into a hybrid model as they go towards remote.”

These ideas and the technology underpinning them are explored in a webinar hosted by Broadcast and featuring a live demo of a hybrid cloud workflow connecting sites in London with New York and Los Angeles.

“Our journey to cloud predated the pandemic,” explains Simon Green, founder and CEO of Green Rock, a production and post production agency based in London and LA. “I had my first conversations about a completely virtual post facility over a decade ago. Distributed collaborative post production is no longer a dream. It is now a reality.”

With clients including ITV, NatWest, Netflix and XPRIZE, Green Rock is among the first UK facilities to transition away from bricks and mortar into a completely cloud-based shop.

“For us, cloud infrastructure means less capital investment in on-premise solutions and a more flexible approach to team working,” Green says. “These issues have magnified in recent months as more and more clients have begun requesting a more agile way of working.”

In the webinar, Green explains more of his thinking. “We are always looking to create the future first and get that advantage for us, and our partners. We are therefore looking to move completely out of our Soho facility and to use cloud to connect clients and colleagues with media and creative tools. It frees us up to scale at a global level like we have only imagined.”

“We have major brands and broadcasters keen to work with us because they can see that we are not limited to the physical suites we have on site. We can start to build a facility using cloud resources that enables us to bill and be billed by the hour.”

The demo explained

Green Rock is well on the way to achieving this with technology partner BASE Media Cloud, leveraging an integrated cloud-based platform with SaaS products from Adobe, Bebop and Iconik.

“What we’ve designed together with Green Rock and are rolling out for them will allow their US and UK teams to collaborate remotely via the Iconik cloud MAM,” says Ben Foakes, Founder & Managing Director, BASE Media Cloud. “On prem storage remains for high performance tasks with burst capacity enabled in the cloud.”

“There are no longer big fat PC towers under the desk,” Foakes adds. “It will be an entirely virtual workstation environment enabling Green Rock to re-invent its editing strategy.”

BASE Media Cloud acts as the cloud agnostic storage hub into which media applications such as Iconik, with integrations into the Adobe Creative Cloud suite are plugged. Access to application is by simple login secured with multifactor authentication.  Remote Workstations are powered by BeBop Technology, running on AWS.

“In essence this means your data becomes centralised in the cloud, your workstations run in the cloud but your users can be anywhere in the world,” Foakes says.

The evolution of post

Anecdotally it seems that from VFX boutiques to global broadcasters the industry is coming out of the pandemic seeking a more formalised and long-term strategy.

“At the start of COVID, everyone was in a rush,” Foakes says. “The broadcast and post community moved to nomadic working and had to quickly spin up reactive solutions such as using a Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or running remote desktop or PcoIP sessions. These were temporary solutions because no one really had time to design for it.”

“Now we’re seeing a huge wave of interest in reducing the size of premises but not moving 100 percent to the cloud. It’s about changing the ratio.”

Post production has evolved. From the days of physical film cutting, into tape-to-tape and the transition at the end of the 1980s into nonlinear file-based editing, now things have gone pure digital.

“The virtual hybrid cloud has arrived as part of the eventual move towards full virtual,” Foakes said.

View the webinar including the live demo of virtual hybrid cloud:



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15 Apr 2021

Building a Modern Sports Media Business

Building a Modern Sports Media Business


Michael Clayton, Head of Sports Media Cloud, BASE Media Cloud

David Candler, Senior Director Customer Solutions, Veritone

Barry Flanigan, Chief Strategy Officer, Aurora Media Worldwide

Discover how award-winning, fast-scaling sports content agency Aurora Media Worldwide has revolutionised content acquisition, production, live and post-produced sports broadcasting for its enviable list of top sports clients around the world. Hear how they have worked alongside the likes of BASE Media Cloud and Veritone to employ a ‘cloud-first’ strategy to content storage, management and distribution to enable business growth, content monetisation and seamless remote working.






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27 Nov 2020

Extreme E Enhances Environmental Reputation With Cloud-Based Distribution

The competition is working with Base Media Cloud and Veritone to create a cloud-native storage and content distribution platform.

Speaking at the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum, Extreme E head of broadcast and technology, Dave Adey, Base Media Cloud managing director Ben Foakes, and Veritone senior director, customer solutions, David Candler, have explained how they’ve worked together to deliver a cloud-based content distribution system and remote broadcast workflow for the competition.

Adey explained the importance of this work: “Our TV compound needs to be self-sufficient. Everything will be back hauled to a production gallery in London, with track-side equipment at a minimum”.

“The ability to search, view and download, not only for us but for rights holders and media partners, is vital – so Base and Veritone are a 101 for us, it’s the building blocks for what we need.”

Both of these systems help Extreme E to achieve its environmental aims, with less equipment at the endangered sites where races take place and fewer resources used in terms of servers and electricity.


Candler said: “We’re environmentally aware… working with public cloud infrastructures with fewer servers used, less electricity consumption, architectures designed at scale for efficient energy use, etc.”

Foakes said of the BASE Media Cloud’s platform capabilities: “In addition to storage, file transfer and distribution – in the future you can do things like remote editing, spring up branded channels, automate distributing workflows.”

Candler added on Veritone Digital Media Hub’s capabilities: “Multiple production companies and partners can co-ordinate upload and we can standardise media delivery…plus provide instant access to the key stakeholders or rights holders across the world.”

Extreme E is set to launch next year, with the first race taking place in Al-‘Ula, Saudi Arabia in March.

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