16 Sep 2020

Webinar: Bringing the cloud to your desktop. Managed multi-cloud solutions enabling 100% remote work.

If you work with digital media files and are trying to find solutions for seamless remote working, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Quick access to media in the cloud is now a prerequisite, regardless of your Internet connection speed. Discover how BASE Media Cloud & LucidLink offer a new cloud-based shared storage service that enables creatives to access, edit, create, and collaborate on digital media assets, pre-integrated with tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and iconik, from anywhere.  With 100% cloud-based shared storage, hardware storage devices can finally become a thing of the past!

With post-production teams working remotely and struggling with download times and lack of in-person collaboration, this is one webinar that you won’t want to miss.

Learn how teams can edit in place, from the cloud, like a local drive.

  • No downloading
  • No syncing
  • No file transfers
  • No more waiting

Webinar Speakers:

Peter Thompson, CEO, and co-founder of LucidLink

Ben Foakes, Managing Director of BASE Media Cloud

Michael Clayton, Business Development Executive at BASE Media Cloud

Jonathan Wray, Technical Projects Manager at BASE Media Cloud


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