edit cloud differentiates itself from existing remote editing solutions by providing an entire post-production talent marketplace, training academy and full-service virtual post-production platform, available from anywhere with an internet connection.

base provides edit cloud with a top-down integrated online media solution, incorporating all cloud hosting, Software-as-Service, integrations, security, support and management. The platform includes powerful Bebop virtual workstations, tiered storage, a custom iconik MAM, file transfer, mastering and delivery tools.

The cloud-first infrastructure of edit cloud enables a solution to the talent shortage felt across the industry. By removing the need to be in physical editing facilities, edit cloud can reach diverse talent all over the globe. Creatives can work wherever suits them best, whether at home, in a studio, at the beach, the workflow and output aren’t compromised, it’s a win-win.

The Results

The days of shipping hard drives, jumping on flights and city-based edit suites are gone. The cloud is now a fundamental component of modern post-production, spear-headed and proven by edit cloud.

In the world we live in, building this platform as cloud-native is an obvious choice. These use cases from edit cloud clients demonstrate the benefits:

Sustainability, no need to fly 5,000 miles – Coup 53

Finishing Walter Murch’s first movie in Adobe Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve, whilst 5,000 miles away from his editor. “I’ve always embraced new ways of working and the platform was a game changer. It’s certainly the future of Post-Production.’’ Walter Murch.

Efficiency, saving time and increasing productivity – Sky, Sky Santa Tracker

3 editors working across the UK on a series of VTs including VFX compositing. 25% increase in productivity, with 2 hours per day saved. ‘’Really useful having everything in one place. Worked really well and super easy to connect once set up’’ Lead Editor

Cost-saving, time is money! – Paramount+ – Diana: The Ultimate Truth

Investigative documentary filmed across Europe for a 6-month collaborative edit. All rushes are viewable using an integrated web-based platform including AI transcriptions. 20% more efficient in time and cost with seamless offline editing and migration online and delivery.

Collaboration, big projects have big teams – Netflix, Myths & Monsters

Multiple editors collaborating on an extensive archive and animation focused series, produced by 3DD. A collaborative platform for edit, animation and review saw a marked increase in production capability and 20% cost savings.

Inclusivity, removing geographic barriers – ITV studios & BBC Three, Project Icon

50 fast-turnaround talent VTs edited by 7 editors in different UK locations. Multiple shoots required direct overnight ingest, project preparation and 24 days of collaborative editing. “A superb service! Easy to set up, great tutorials, user friendly and amazing to be able to do something like that remotely.” Lead Editor

‍These benefits wouldn’t be achievable with a hardware workflow solution, especially focusing on sustainability, inclusivity and efficiency.