When Arrow Films approached us its team’s main challenge was that it had assets across the world in various locations and hard drives. Arrow initially started to work with our team to centralize all these assets in the cloud so its team could work more efficiently from wherever they were in the world. Arrow Films started this collaboration by entrusting us with 24 terabytes of assets, laying the foundation for the cloud-based workflow that has developed over the years.

Due to Arrow Films’ library and needs expanding daily, the base team has had to adapt its solutions as the partnership has grown. As the demand for high-resolution content soared, transitioning to handling colossal 4K files became imperative.

The Results

base have been quick to respond to our ever-changing requirements. base are always keen to help us find better and more efficient ways to work in order to streamline our workflow.

Sigrid Larsen, Head Of Media Services, Arrow Films

Our team of experts integrated a media asset management system (MAM) into Arrow’s workflow to act as a repository for all its assets. This robust system enables its team to swiftly and securely store, tag, and index content and find it as quickly as possible later. Arrow can directly upload content into the MAM by leveraging virtual machines seamlessly integrated with other cloud-based solutions. These additions empowered Arrow Films to seamlessly download and log files, fostering a streamlined workflow that has enhanced productivity.

One of the key highlights of the collaboration has been our proactive approach to the solutions. The two companies have become partners that are both invested in Arrow Films’ success. Always eager to explore more efficient methodologies, we are continually brainstorming ways to optimize workflows, offering suggestions to refine processes and enhance productivity. The partnership between the two companies isn’t just about the present; it’s about an exciting future.

In the dynamic world of film and media, agility and adaptability are incredibly important. Arrow Films’ unwavering commitment to innovation combined with our support has allowed Arrow to continue making the most of its cloud-based workflow. As Arrow Films continues to grow, one thing remains certain: the partnership with us will allow it to stay at the cutting edge of technology.