The full-scale flying cars navigate digitally-governed tracks in the sky, with close proximity racing, the series delivers a compelling new sport. In a series for the digital era, there is no physical infrastructure for spectators or tracks. The electric cars have minimal ecological impact, making the sport, and eventually the mode of transportation, a sustainable one for the future. “You need a good foundation when you’re building a new media department, for any new thing. Whether that’s a sport, a brand or otherwise, and base enable you to do that”. Stephen Sildo, Head of Media, Airspeeder.

End-to-end digital media workflow

Creating a new sport and building an entire media department is no small task. At the start of the journey, Airspeeder enlisted base to build an end-to-end digital media workflow. Throughout the series, there will be tonnes of data processed. This includes digital media content to be distributed online and used on social media, all processed via a Media Asset Management tool. Additionally, the Robot ‘Aviators’ that takes the place of pilots will generate analytical data. They digitally receive remote inputs and mimic the movements of the human pilot on the ground. The series includes multiple teams, with multiple craft transmitting data that needs to be processed, tagged and stored.

Building a fully cloud-based workflow

The Results

Having a good foundation of media software, cloud infrastructure and the ability to remote edit was something we needed. base was pivotal in levelling us up to a media entity that is professional, and that’s where we want to be.

Stephen SidloHead of Media, Airspeeder

Remote working is an essential foundation of the workflow for Airspeeder. The distant and isolated locations where the races take place require flexible and scalable applications. Moving around the world, the solution requires it to be scaled up and down as demand fluctuates on race days, as well as moving the solution to the series locations. Building a fully cloud-based workflow, base enabled Airspeeder to keep the same workflow no matter where they are in the world. Integrating a suite of industry-leading editing, distribution and storage tools, base worked with Airspeeder to find a bespoke solution fit for purpose.