Branded Channels


Enabling brands to become broadcasters.


Launch and manage your own branded video channels and screening sites

Create your own online content streaming service with free, subscription-based or ad-funded viewing, on demand

Manage and process your streams for high-quality viewing on any device

Leverage the power of the cloud to automate the processing of your content for multi-format consumption

Connect with your clients and audiences without needing to invest in hardware

Grow your online distribution in line with viewer numbers and benefit from flexible cloud resources

Off-the-shelf or custom Branded Channels user interface designs

Benefit from our quick-to-provision, low cost streaming portals or premium, fully branded front-end channel interfaces


Our off-the-shelf video streaming services are built around a cutting edge, fully managed Software-as-a-Service platform, powered by IBM Watson Media.  We give you access to world-class solutions, bundled into simple to use, web-based applications, requiring little-to-no technical knowledge or prior experience of complex streaming technology.  We look after the technology, so you can focus on showcasing great content.  Accounts available by same-day order.

Tailored Pricing/Per Month


Our custom Branded Channels enable our clients to create their own front-end user interfaces, connected to our scalable multi-cloud infrastructure.  Benefit from a ready-made platform with global Content Delivery Network, meaning you can connect with your global audiences without deploying any infrastructure of your own.  A base Branded Channel service will give your viewers an optimised streaming experience on any device, from anywhere, anytime.

Tailored Pricing/Per Month

Digital Media Hub will make it possible for us to organize the assets and then make it quick and easy for people to come in and access the content they’re looking for, under the terms of a commercial, marketing, or editorial relationship. And one of the great things about Digital Media Hub is built in flexible terms that give different partners different types of access, based on their requirements and the specific license.
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Barry Flannigan Chief Product Officer, COPA90

We simply couldn’t have scaled our operations for the World Cup without creating robust cloud-based infrastructure, supported by our partners base.

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