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For creative agencies, moving content quickly and efficiently is vital to having a productive workflow. Traditional methods of sending hard drives around the world are now outdated and accelerated file transfer offerings that are based in the cloud offer a vast range of benefits.

What is Accelerated File Transfer?

Accelerated File Transfer is software that moves data across the internet using a custom protocol built on top of a UDP (User Datagram Protocol). It is meant to accelerate file transfers over high-speed networks that are unable to utilise network output due to high latency and packet loss.

Why is Accelerated File Transfer important for creative agencies?

For creative agencies, accelerated file transfer comes with a range of benefits when compared to other methods of moving data. The nature of agency work means they create, store and send a huge amount of data and therefore the following benefits of cloud-based cloud file transfer are incredibly important.

Big data is no big deal: accelerated file transfer software, for example, IBM Aspera, is designed to work with large data. By using all available bandwidth, it eliminates the effects of transmission latency. This means that if creative agencies are concerned about losing files during transfer or security, all data is encrypted in flight and at rest, and they can track and receive email notifications ensuring files are not lost or forgotten.

Save on resources: The traditional way of sending files can waste employee time and energy, but with accelerated transfer, time will be saved and productivity increased because of the decreased amount of time spent waiting for files. Accelerated file transfer will help automate creative agencies’ workflows, as most services have built-in apps for transfer, collaboration, automation, synchronisation and streaming.

File sharing without borders: Many creative agencies work with global clients. With accelerated file transfer, there is no need to worry about time zone distance differences. Accelerated file transfers allow users to download and upload files quickly, making a seamless collaboration anywhere with an internet connection. In turn, they can easily help establish remote workplaces.

Safe and secure: All accelerated file transfer is end-to-end encrypted during the transfer process. This ensures that all content is protected for the sender and the recipient both while being sent and at its final location. Compared with traditional sending of hard drives, which can be easily lost, stolen or wiped, sending content via a secure service is essential for creative agencies working with clients across the world.

How can base help you with accelerated file transfer?

base are experts at helping some of the biggest creative agencies in the world integrate accelerated file transfer into their workflows. base helps brands such as Little Dot Studios and LADBible get their content to where it needs to go in the most effective way possible. Allowing them to benefit from all the benefits that cloud-based file transfer offers.

If you want to find out how base can support your company with accelerated file transfer, please get in touch.