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Our team of experts at base have worked on a dynamic and groundbreaking integration between iconik and to streamline the Review and Approve process.

Manual transfers between tools and disjointed workflows often lead to inefficiencies and delays. Recognizing these challenges, we have developed an integration that seamlessly bridges the gap between iconik and, two industry-leading platforms.


How it works 


An approved iconik user can enter multiple email addresses, a title and message, determine when the share link expires, and choose to send the original or proxy format on one or multiple assets within iconik.

Once the share is sent from iconik, a copy of the media is delivered to to process. When this is complete, emails are sent to the recipients and sender. New users to are prompted to create an account.

Users can access the share links and media through the inbox. Within the asset, the status can be updated. Comments can be made at the frame level. Full annotation is available with colors, boxes, lines, arrows, free form drawings, and emojis.

Once saved, the comments and annotations will appear to all users and will also be synchronized back to iconik. Within iconik, a user can show comments and sync to the proper timecodes. Additionally, the asset status from is reflected in the share via metadata view.

Features Designed for Efficiency 


Our integration offers a host of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of content creators and rights holders:

Selective Asset Sharing: Choose single or multiple assets to share, allowing for logical sharing of related content as part of an approval cycle.

Controlled Access: Explicitly control access to shared content for a predetermined amount of time, ensuring security and confidentiality.

Quality and Format Selection: Decide whether to send original or proxy files, giving you flexibility and control over file quality and transfer time.

Synchronized Comments and Annotations: Comments and annotations made in are seamlessly synchronized back to iconik, ensuring all stakeholders have access to the latest feedback.

In conclusion, the integration of iconik and Review and Approve represents a change in collaborative media workflows. By connecting two industry-leading platforms, we empower content creators and rights holders to streamline their processes, enhance collaboration, and drive success in a rapidly evolving landscape. You can find out more about the integration here.