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In the fast-paced world of digital media, managing vast amounts of content efficiently is crucial for media organisations. LADbible, a prominent online entertainment and news platform, understands the significance of using a media asset management system (MAM) with integrated cloud storage to easily hold and find its data.

LADbible recognises the importance of efficient media asset management, considering the vast volume of content they create and manage. To address this, they have worked with base to implement a comprehensive media asset management system. The solution acts as an archive, securely storing all the media assets in the cloud, while allowing its team to search and use content simply and effectively.

This powerful search functionality is one of the most significant advantages LADbible enjoys using a MAM. The team can effortlessly search and retrieve any content needed, eliminating the tedious process of manually searching through numerous files. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances productivity, allowing teams to focus on creating compelling content.

LADbible’s MAM is supported with a direct integration to base’s cloud storage which produces some significant benefits. It provides virtually unlimited storage capacity, allowing LADbible’s team to store and manage vast volumes of data without worrying about hardware limitations or infrastructure costs. Additionally, as the company continues to evolve and expand its operations, cloud storage offers a scalable solution to meet the growing media asset management needs. With the ability to adapt and accommodate increasing volumes of content, LADbible can focus on creating captivating content without worrying about storage limitations or accessibility issues. Furthermore, cloud storage eliminates the need for on-premises servers, reducing maintenance and operational expenses. It also enhances data accessibility and collaboration by enabling employees to access files from anywhere, anytime, and facilitating seamless file sharing and collaboration among team members. With robust security measures and data backup options, cloud storage ensures data integrity, protection against hardware failures, and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities. Cloud storage providers typically offer high availability and reliable uptime, minimising the risk of data loss or service disruptions. Ultimately, leveraging cloud storage allows LADbible to streamline its data management processes, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and focus on core business operations.

LADbible understands the importance of collaboration in the media industry. To facilitate seamless teamwork, they leverage the capabilities base’s integration with This combination allows them to upload content from their office location or from anywhere in the world directly to the cloud, making it instantly accessible to team members for review and collaboration. This streamlined process promotes efficient communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Through its partnership with base, LADbible has gained an indispensable tool for managing its extensive media assets. The system’s deep archiving capabilities, coupled with powerful search functionality, enable LADbible’s team to easily retrieve any content they require. The seamless collaboration facilitated with base and enhances team productivity and ensures efficient communication. With a future-proof solution in place, LADbible is well-equipped to handle the challenges of media asset management in the dynamic digital landscape, cementing their position as a leading online entertainment platform.‍

Little Dot Studios

As one of base‘s longest-standing clients, Little Dot Studios (LDS) has relied on cloud storage for the past decade. Working with a diverse range of clients, Little Dot effectively manages, stores, and publishes content for each of them. Over the years, its collaboration with base has resulted in a substantial volume of data, making it impractical to store on hard drives or rely solely on cloud-based storage for quick and efficient access, sharing, and uploading.

To address this challenge, Little Dot Studios utilises a comprehensive integrated Media Asset Management (MAM). This robust system enables them to swiftly and securely store, tag, and index content from all its clients. Leveraging virtual machines seamlessly integrated with other base solutions, clients can directly upload content into the MAM. Little Dot’s team then performs thorough quality checks on the uploaded content, employing cloud-based file transfer to efficiently send it to the MAM. Once in the MAM, they can effortlessly index and tag the content, ensuring easy retrieval whenever it is needed.

The clear indexing facilitated by the MAM empowers Little Dot Studios to quickly locate and utilise content for any client whenever necessary. This capability is crucial for LDS as it allows them to effectively manage multiple social media channels concurrently, granting clients the freedom to use desired content whenever they require it.

The integrated Media Asset Management employed by Little Dot Studios serves as a centralised hub for its extensive content library. By adopting this comprehensive solution, Little Dot gains the ability to streamline its content management processes and ensure consistent organisation across all client projects. The MAM not only stores and indexes the content but also allows for seamless tagging and metadata management. This meticulous categorisation enables Little Dot Studios to quickly search and retrieve specific content based on various criteria such as client, date, or theme. With the MAM’s efficient content management capabilities, Little Dot can effectively harness its vast content repository, saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual searches or duplicated efforts.

Additionally, the integration of virtual machines with the MAM system further enhances Little Dot Studios’ content upload and management workflow. The virtual machines act as dedicated workstations within the MAM environment, facilitating direct content uploading by clients. This integration ensures a seamless experience for both clients and Little Dot’s team, enabling them to collaborate efficiently while maintaining data security and integrity. Clients can easily upload their content into the MAM without the need for complicated file transfers or external platforms, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly process. This integration not only saves time but also promotes transparency and accuracy in the content delivery process, allowing Little Dot to provide a reliable and efficient service to its clients.