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Sports teams operate in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, necessitating agile content workflows to maintain competitiveness. As a fundamental aspect of our work, we collaborate with numerous organizations in this space to fortify their workflows, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

We equip teams and clubs with the necessary tools for storing, editing, filing, and transferring content in the safest and fastest manner possible. Our team of experts are always available to provide support and have undertaken numerous bespoke cloud systems engineering to elevate customers workflows.


Eliminate hard drives with base tiered cloud storage.


Sports clubs and teams generate an immense amount of content spanning various facets of their operations. From game footage to media team interviews, all this content needs a reliable storage solution. Traditionally, such content would be stored on hard drives and transported across the country as needed. However, this approach is not only costly but also unsustainable and detrimental to the environment.


Our cloud storage offers significant benefits. It provides virtually unlimited storage capacity, allowing teams and clubs to manage vast volumes of content without worrying about hardware limitations or infrastructure costs. Moreover, as the team expands or additional business areas start utilizing it, our storage operations can seamlessly evolve and expand. The content can also be easily used by partners and sponsors who can seamlessly get access to it whenever it is needed.


With the ability to adapt and accommodate increasing volumes of content, sports teams can focus on creating content without being hindered by storage limitations or accessibility issues. Cloud storage eliminates the need for on-premises servers, thereby reducing maintenance and operational expenses. It also enhances content accessibility and collaboration by enabling teams to access files from anywhere, at any time, and facilitating seamless file sharing and collaboration among team members. With robust security measures and content backup options, cloud storage ensures content integrity, protection against hardware failures, and enhanced disaster recovery capabilities. Cloud storage providers typically offer high availability and reliable uptime, minimizing the risk of content loss or service disruptions. Ultimately, leveraging cloud storage allows sports teams and clubs to streamline content management processes, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and focus on core business operations.


Store, tag, and retrieve with Media Asset Management systems.


Once content is stored, clubs and teams need to easily file, tag, and retrieve it. From images and videos to graphics and audio files, the sheer volume and complexity of these assets can quickly become overwhelming. This is where Media Asset Management (MAM) software comes to the rescue, offering invaluable support by providing a centralized platform for efficient asset management.


Enhanced Organization and Accessibility:


One of the key advantages of using a media asset management system is its ability to streamline asset organization. With a centralized database, teams can categorize and tag their media assets, making them easily searchable and accessible to the entire team. This eliminates the frustrating and time-consuming process of sifting through various folders, drives, and emails to find the right asset.


Efficient Collaboration and Workflow:


Projects often involve multiple team members, and a MAM acts as a collaborative hub, facilitating smooth communication and workflow management. Team members can easily share and exchange assets within the system, eliminating the need for cumbersome file transfer methods.


Improved File Security and Copyright Compliance:


MAMs provide robust security measures, such as user access controls, encryption, and backups, safeguarding sensitive assets from unauthorized access or loss. Additionally, MAMs can help maintain copyright compliance by enabling proper tracking and documentation of licensing agreements and usage rights.


Time and Cost Savings:


MAMs play a significant role in saving time and reducing costs. By eliminating manual asset search and retrieval processes, team members can devote more time to creative work, enhancing overall productivity.


Media asset management software serves as an indispensable tool for streamlining the complex processes of asset organization, collaboration, security, and efficiency. By centralizing and optimizing asset management, these systems empower teams and clubs to focus on their craft and deliver exceptional work. With their ability to enhance organization, facilitate collaboration, ensure compliance, save time and costs, and provide scalability, media asset management software proves to be an invaluable asset for teams to stay ahead of their competition off the pitch.


Save time on sending files with accelerated file transfer.


For sports teams and clubs, accelerated file transfer offers numerous benefits compared to other methods of content movement. Teams generate, store, and transmit vast amounts of content across all aspects of their business, making the advantages of cloud-based file transfer invaluable.


Big data is no big deal: accelerated file transfer software is designed to handle large data efficiently. By utilizing all available bandwidth, it mitigates the effects of transmission latency, eliminating concerns about file loss or security. All data is encrypted in flight and at rest, and users can track and receive email notifications, ensuring files are not lost or forgotten.


Save on resources: Traditional methods of sending files can waste employee time and energy, but with accelerated transfer, time is saved, and productivity increases due to reduced waiting times for files.


File sharing without borders: Many sports teams and clubs operate globally, whether on a preseason tour or a European away day. With accelerated file transfer, there’s no need to worry about time zone differences. Accelerated file transfers enable quick downloading and uploading of files, facilitating seamless collaboration from anywhere with an internet connection. Consequently, remote workplaces can be established effortlessly.


We specialize in assisting some of the world’s largest sports teams and clubs in integrating accelerated file transfer into their workflows. We help them deliver their content effectively, benefiting from all the advantages that cloud-based file transfer offers.