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Integration Overview is a video collaboration tool trusted by millions of global users and it is recently part of the Adobe Creative Cloud portfolio. Providing one central hub, users can share media, track feedback, and streamline workflows so teams can work closely together from anywhere in the world. Iconik is a leading, cloud-native Media Asset Management platform that gathers and organizes media securely from any storage. With powerful automation tools, Iconik has direct integrations with a host of Adobe Creative Cloud applications.  

A common challenge our customers face is how to streamline workflow operations between tiered cloud storage, cloud storage management and cost-reduction on all elements of cloud-based infrastructures.  

With these goals in mind, and as a trusted Adobe Video Solutions Partner, our team of experts have developed a seamless integration between, the Iconik MAM and our tiered cloud storage platform. This enables users to easily export and archive entire projects to low cost ‘cold storage’ at the click of a button. 


Technical Details  


  1. Users select Project, with associated assets and comments metadata 
  2. Users label with ‘Archive’ tag to trigger the ‘send to archive’ workflow
  3. Data from Project is automatically exported, using a custom AWS-hosted micro-service to target our low-cost cloud archive storage 
  4. Data is scanned and registered into Iconik, inheriting the available metadata tags from for ease of future search and retrieval 
  5. 5. Media is now available in the client’s MAM and archive hub for future secure long-term retention and future re-use, as required



Millions of Adobe Creative Cloud users rely on cloud-based applications such as for creative collaboration, including view and approve, for video and graphic design content. These same users have an increasing number of challenges when it comes to cost-effective cloud archiving and media asset management.  

By leveraging this base Integration, delivered as a Software-as-Service subscription model, users can save time, whilst the creative businesses they work for can save thousands per month in storage operating costs. 


Customer Quotes


“What is really useful is that the end of a quarter we can set up the, Iconik integration and it just streamlines absolutely everything because you know that it’s working away in the background, making sure that everything’s uploaded to, the Iconik archive.” 

Adam Farrell, Video Editor – LADBible Group

 “We worked with base to create an integration between and Iconik, over a few months they got things done, they ran the tests so when it was ready to roll out to us it was a seamless transition and worked perfectly the first time we ran it.”  

Martin Kelly, Lead Editor – LADBible Group