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COPA90, a global football media brand has chosen base to manage its new media asset management (MAM) system. The extension to this partnership between the two companies assists in moving more of COPA90’s workflow to the cloud.

base has supported COPA90 over a number of years by storing its vast amount of data completely in the cloud. By moving all its data to the cloud, COPA90 eliminated the need for on-premises servers, reducing maintenance and operational expenses. It also enhances data accessibility and collaboration by enabling employees to access files from anywhere, anytime, and facilitating seamless file sharing and collaboration among team members. Additionally, it provides virtually unlimited storage capacity, allowing COPA90’s team to store and manage vast volumes of data without worrying about hardware limitations or infrastructure costs.

To manage this content, COPA90 is now working with the media experts at base to integrate another one of its solutions into its cloud-based workflow. Its new MAM will use metadata to tag all the content already in cloud-storage and automatically put the data into easily accessible formatting. This will allow its team to easily view, manage and store the vast amount of content it produces, entirely in the cloud.

The integrated MAM will serve as a centralised hub for its extensive content library. The MAM will store and index the content as well as allow COPA90’s team to search and retrieve specific content based on various criteria such as client, date, or theme. By adopting this comprehensive solution, COPA90 will be able to utilise the content in storage in the most efficient way possible, saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual searches or duplicated efforts.

By working with base to move more of its workflow to the cloud COPA90 is freeing up time for its team to work more efficiently from anywhere, without the headache of procuring, managing and supporting complex IT hardware, networks and software systems. By working with base, all the headaches of managing these systems are relieved and COPA90 can focus on creating the most engaging sports content for its clients and its own channels.