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How the cloud enables seamless content creation, management and distribution

More than 1.2 million fans are expected to visit Qatar during FIFA World Cup 2022, with an expected 5 billion people to watch from their respective countries – 2 million more from the 2018 tournament in Russia.

With the number of fans travelling and an even larger amount watching from home, sports broadcasters, media outlets, and content creators must provide timely creative content to sports fans. This year’s World Cup is creating a demand for several cloud-based services.

These organisations need to share all the football action quickly and securely. Accelerated File Transfer can help send these video files from Qatar to respective content creators in minutes rather than hours. There is no need to worry about time zone distance differences, as long as there is a reliable internet connection, content creators will be able to receive the video files. With the high speed of sharing and accessing files, content creators will have more time to edit and create content instead of having to wait for files or spend the money to work abroad in Qatar.

After the files have been sent over, content creators can implement a media library to act as a single repository for all media assets from the matches. When content creators use a MAM tool, it makes it simple for real-time access to shared media, remote review and creating and editing content all over the world. Their productivity is increased as content creators can utilise rapid search, metadata and tagging to aid in content creation.

While fans are watching replays of their team’s goals, you now know all the quick, seamless collaboration that happens behind the scenes. From Doha to the UK to around the world, the cloud aids in making the World Cup happen.

To find out more about accelerated file transfer, media asset management, or how you can work remotely on the cloud, speak with a member of our team.