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What do we mean when we talk about system integrations?


System integration is an engineering process of joining two or more disparate systems together to work cohesively as one under the governance of a customer’s defined business process. This is commonly achieved by standing up an intermediate brokerage service that leverages the products’ communication service interface e.g. REST API to exchange data. 


How does base approach system integrations?


We at base take an engineering standard approach to all aspects of our Software Engineering principles. Implementing security is no exception. Although each implementation is different, all APIs, services and machine-to-machine communications are protected with industry-defined open standards. All credentials are continuously rotated in our secure key management platform. 

We employ a variety of industry and community-defined best practices and frameworks that accommodate change management and test-driven development ensuring a high guarantee that upon release, your integration will behave as expected. Such frameworks range from ITIL to Agile. 


Why are they so vital?


Building and maintaining software products in the modern cloud-native era is a time-consuming and costly process. A product cannot be anything and everything to everyone, it must focus on its specific domain otherwise it risks going out of business. Linking two or more systems together not only further enhances the existing product but enables greater functionality and increased value to the customer. 

Upstream from the actual integrations work, base facilitates a series of business and technical analysis sessions conducted through a variety of questionnaires and in-person meetings. This process seeks to affirm the requirements that accurately represent the desired user experience whilst satisfying the client’s technical needs. This will ensure the supplied solution is engineered with an adequate level of underlying resilience so that it can be reasonably maintained and supported by base during the tenure of the service agreement with the client. 

base integrates diverse systems, merging them into a cohesive unit governed by defined business processes. Leveraging intermediary services and communication interfaces, we ensure seamless data exchange with rigorous security measures. Our commitment to industry best practices like ITIL and Agile guarantees smooth integration, enhancing product functionality and customer value. Meticulous analyses before integration ensure solutions align with user needs, delivering resilient solutions supported throughout our service agreement. At base, our focus remains on precision, resilience, and client satisfaction in every integration.