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Throughout a global major tournament, we assisted a federation in bringing a daily talk show featuring players, guests, and challenges to its audience across the globe. The show brought the daily life of the team directly into people’s homes as we powered the content workflow.

As the team progressed through the tournament, the show provided fans with direct access to the players, following their journey all over the country from wherever they were in the world. The show was shot in multiple locations across the world with content being syndicated at the head office in the home nation. There was also matchday content, behind-the-scenes and in-match updates going out on its YouTube channel.


The Solutions



To ensure the continuation and consistent delivery from the multiple shooting locations, the show was produced remotely. Using a server, the production and content teams were able to upload their content from various locations for it to be accessed by the editors working across the world. The teams were using accelerated file transfer to ensure the timely and seamless delivery of content to the editors. As the show was live, any highlights or clips for social media had to be delivered near-instantly. These clips were stored and managed in the Media Asset Management system for future use, with tagging and labelling to make it easy for editors and team members to find content quickly.

‍Throughout the upload process to the Media Asset Management system, all content was transcoded. This included the content produced from the show and other content used across the channels. This workflow enabled all content to be uploaded quickly and securely with accelerated file transfer, with some content capture coming direct from the pitch in both training and at matches.

The workflow was truly remote first and allowed for the federation’s team to collaborate from wherever they were in the world. Video teams were able to directly upload things into the cloud for editors in another country to work on seamlessly. This allowed the team to keep working throughout the tournament without having to wait for data to be sent or uploaded, meaning they could stay ahead of the competition and get content out in as close to real time as possible.

After the tournament, all this content was then easily pushed into deep archive storage meaning that the data was still available when it was needed but stored for a fraction of the price. Our team of experts built, managed and supported this workflow throughout the tournament and into the future as the federation continues to use the workflow that we created for upcoming tournaments.