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At base, we take onboarding much further than just routine procedures; it’s the bedrock of us making sure we are doing everything we can to help our clients. It begins with a meticulous handover from our sales to the Professional Services (PS) team, ensuring a seamless transition armed with vital customer data and deal specifics. 

We see onboarding as the process of smoothly integrating clients into our system. It involves steps like sharing crucial information, introducing our team, understanding client needs, managing projects, and transitioning responsibilities. It’s about starting off on the right foot, setting expectations, and building a strong partnership.  


Our onboarding process follows a structured path: 


  1. Introduction to the Core: Clients are welcomed and acquainted with key team members, laying the groundwork for collaboration. 
  2. Pre-Kickoff Alignment: A meeting precedes project initiation, delving into specifics, aligning on goals, and setting collective expectations. 
  3. Extracting Insights: We gather vital information from clients regarding their business goals, preferences, and challenges, guiding our approach. 
  4. Lifecycle Custodianship: Our team oversees the project’s lifecycle, ensuring a steady course throughout its duration. 
  5. Transition to Account Management: Handing over to the Account Management team involves reviewing client satisfaction and exploring future opportunities. 


The difference between onboarding from Training and Support 


While onboarding shares some elements with training and support, their objectives are different. Onboarding focuses on introducing clients to our company, setting expectations, and ensuring a smooth transition. Training, however, educates clients on maximizing the services they are using with us. 

The main activities of onboarding include reviewing contracts and other paperwork review and completion, initial meetings to discuss goals and expectations, introducing key team members and providing an overview of the services we provide.  

Training involves educating the client on how to use our services effectively to derive maximum value from the services. It may include tutorials, user guides or online courses to help clients navigate the software, troubleshoot and to ensure they are utilizing solutions to the maximum. 

We tailor onboarding experiences by engaging the right personnel and having conversations at critical junctures. With a diverse range of experts, we craft bespoke experiences tailored to each client’s unique needs and aspirations. 

In essence, base’s onboarding isn’t just about processes; it’s a deliberate effort to establish meaningful connections and set the stage for fruitful partnerships.