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What is Adobe Workfront?


Adobe Workfront is a collaborative work management solution that addresses the challenges of disconnected teams, siloed tools, and the relentless pace of enterprise work. Workfront includes capabilities to capture and plan, assign and execute, and deliver and measure work in a variety of use cases for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. With Workfront, these organizations can prioritize the right work, quickly identify bottlenecks, automate processes, and deliver measurable outcomes. At every stage of planning and executing work, Adobe Workfront enables the business capabilities companies need to scale and win in the market, all in one collaborative platform.  

Workfront fully integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud helping you streamline project planning and execution, manage asset storage and use and provide full visibility into work context and status.


How our customer uses Workfront


Our customer, a luxury global retail brand, uses Adobe Workfront to create, manage and deliver projects across borders and time zones, working with different partner agencies all over the world.  

A typical project for this customer contains multiple stakeholders who require visibility of every detail to deliver against its requirements. This includes delivery deadlines, budgets, rights and usage information, shoot details, technical requirements and more.  

Workfront provides a single source of truth for all elements of the project, with work being directly assigned to departments and individual users via the platform. This centralised approach to project management facilitates seamless collaboration for all project stakeholders.


Workfront and Iconik Integration


Our team of experts built a custom Workflow-Iconik integration which enables project managers to designate an array of different media formats from Workfront to an Iconik project. From an international TV Advert in multiple languages to a poster for a shop display, the integration is designed to handle a multitude of deliverable requests in each project. 

A request automatically creates a project collection structure in Iconik that reflects the Workfront project structure and generates an asset placeholder (an empty asset record) for each media request. This includes requests for variations of asset size, language, etc. When created, a placeholder notification automatically goes out to the assigned producer informing them that a media request has been placed. 

This placeholder also transfers a host of metadata information from Workfront which corresponds to any changes that may be made upstream in the Workfront project. Information remains completely synchronous between Workfront and Iconik from the point of project creation. This metadata communicates the details of the media required for the producer working in Iconik, and also captures that information permanently for use in perpetuity when searching the media library.  

When producers upload a file into a placeholder in Iconik, Workfront project managers are notified of its delivery and can carry out a review and approve workflow process in Iconik. Upon sign off with the producer, the project manager can progress the project in Workfront. 


Benefits of our Workfront-Iconik Integration 



By integrating a project management platform with a media asset management platform, we have created complete visibility of each project, its status, and its output in a single environment. It’s easy to direct projects, review deliverables and search amongst a growing, well tagged media archive.  

Easy Asset Management  

As the number of media assets uploaded into Workfront generating placeholders in Iconik increases, the ever-growing media library remains a single source of truth throughout the project. The synchronous nature of the integration means there are no unnecessary duplications of approved media assets. 

Automate Workflow Segments  

As metadata is applied to assets at the point of creation, the library remains enriched with searchable metadata. This can be filtered against or used to trigger automated workflows directly from Iconik. 

No More Mistakes  

Data is captured from project creation and updated as the project is updated, the information remains accurate throughout the project lifecycle. This eradicates the chance of errors during data entry and removes the time intensive work of capturing and updating metadata.  

Simple Retrieval 

With the complete history of a piece of media captured in detail from the point of project kick off, information can easily be retrieved and traced back to its origins. Data can be used for future campaigns and media reused for future purposes.