19 Mar 2020

Editing Video Together With Iconik

Passing media and projects between teams is necessary for video production. Sending huge files , however, can present a problem for those with a standard broadband connection. Proxy workflows in iconik allow our customers to pass files and projects back and forth at a fraction of the size.

Translation LLC is a New York-based brand development and marketing firm. Its tailored cloud solution from BASE Media Cloud uses iconik to keep its creative team connected as they help ambitious brands like NFL, NBA, and Budweiser harness the power of culture through their unique mix of experts in culture, technology, and storytelling.

“We bring a lot of unique perspectives together in our teams, and solutions like iconik and BASE Media Cloud leverage that by keeping our team of 17 creatives constantly connected to the media they produce. Having everything available in the cloud allows us to stay efficient and flexible.”

Nick Petillo 


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