10 Jul 2019

Green Rock Revolutionise Post Production Workflow with BASE Media Cloud

Green Rock Revolutionise Post Production Workflow with BASE Media Cloud

Executive Summary
Green Rock is a specialist production and post-production agency, creating premium branded content and broadcast television for prestigious clients including BBC, NetFlix, NatWest, FIFA and Sainsbury’s. Dealing with the explosive growth of online video content, Green Rock has re-invented the way it does business, by progressively moving its video production and post workflows to the cloud. Partnering with BASE Media Cloud in 2015, Green Rock started out with a simple, automated cloud backup service and has since expanded its use of BASE Media Cloud services across multiple applications, including File Transfer, Archive, Media Asset Management and most recently, remote editing with BeBop and Adobe.

“We have been growing so fast that traditional on-premise infrastructure simply does not fit our business model today. It’s essential for our company that we can scale our storage, processing and tools for users as we need to, without having to purchase additional hardware or rent additional buildings”,

comments Simon Green, CEO, Green Rock.

BASE Media Cloud Solution
Prior to migrating services to BASE Media Cloud, Green Rock relied on purchasing, managing and supporting large amounts of expensive hardware at its central London post production facilities, using up valuable real-estate, which should have been better monetised as chargeable creative suites. Managing in-house storage and backup hardware also consumed large amounts of power, cooling and staff time to maintain and did not provide any off-site redundancy. As Green Rock’s data volumes continued to grow, the cloud provided a more forward-thinking technical approach for the company.

“We work in a very collaborative way with our clients, so having local files is not scalable. By using BASE, we know all our media and project files are safely backed up, but they can be securely accessed by us and shared with our clients, at the click of a button. BASE don’t charge us for Egress fees like other public cloud providers, so it makes it far more affordable and practical – and we share these savings to our clients”

confirms Simon Green.

Results, ROI and FuturePlans

Green Rock are directly benefitting from having moved away from a reliance on physical hardware and expensive premises, by tapping in to the multi-cloud architecture behind the BASE Media Cloud platform. The unique design of BASE Media Cloud means clients can pick and choose their chosen software applications, across any cloud, including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and more, whilst directly connecting the tools to their centrally hosted cloud storage account. As the media industry continues to migrate to digital workflows and content is produced predominantly for online streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix and Apple, Green Rock are rightly preparing their business for the next phase of purely online, remote working, on a flexible pay as-you-go basis.

“Traditional TV is changing, and we believe brands are the new broadcasters. The demand for content is going to scale radically, so you have to be prepared to a more agile way of working. For us, it made sense moving everything to the cloud”

concludes Simon Green.
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