25 Apr 2019

Transforming creative workflows: Making great content in the cloud

Explore why creators are turning to cloud to transform the way they make great content and how virtualised workflows are unlocking the ability to work in new ways: faster, more collaborative, more efficient and more creative.

This webinar goes inside some of the world’s leading content creators, production and post-production operations to hear how they are embracing cloud technology to transform the creative processes used to make, produce and deliver video.

We’ll get hands-on with practical lessons on how cloud is enabling more collaboration, access to more talent, round-the-clock working, more content security, and slicker workflows. There’s also a dose of reality, as we understand the human and technology challenges and the potential pitfalls of virtualising creative workflows.

Case studies focus on using cloud for:
•Streamlining content creation in the field
•Transforming production and post-production processes
•Efficient content delivery and backhaul

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Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith, chief technology officer, Jellyfish Pictures

Jeremy Smith studied IT and VFX in Canada and later came to England where he joined Jellyfish Pictures.

Over the past ten years he has witnessed Jellyfish’s growth from an eight-man team to a facility that houses over 200 members of staff across 4 locations. He has overseen and managed several company expansions to different premises and has re-imagined the production pipeline using a hybrid of cloud-based and desktop-based technologies.

He has become one of the most respected CTOs in the VFX industry always pushing technology to the absolute limit, helping to make Jellyfish one of the most advanced technical VFX facilities in the world. Through relationships built with leading players at companies such as Microsoft Azure, Teradici, Pixit Media, AMD and many others he has helped keep Jellyfish at the vanguard of what is possible, which always provides the company with a competitive edge.

Jeremy manages an IT team of six people helping to keep the day-to-day running of the facilities, two screening rooms and several editing suites. He is currently responsible for all technical management of Jellyfish Pictures (VFX) and Jellyfish Animation studios.

Laura Cotterill


Laura Cotterill, founder and managing director, LCTV
Created in 2000, LCTV has firmly established itself as a bespoke agency in the highly competitive field of TV sports rights distribution, partnering key companies in the sales and marketing of their events and programming to television networks around the world.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, founder Laura Cotterill works with clients including European Le Mans Series, Michelin Le Mans Cup, Goodwood, Event Rider Masters and the Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials.

LCTV handles all elements of the agreements including the programme deliveries – and now uses cloud solely for this purpose, delivering programming to both TV and airlines around the world.




Spencer Stephens


Spencer Stephens, TechXMedia

Spencer operates TechXMedia, a Los Angeles based consultancy focused on cybersecurity and technology for M&E production and distribution. He is currently working on cloud production, and for cybersecurity of cloud production systems and for an AI system.

During his tenure as Chief Technology Officer at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Spencer lead the studio’s Technology Development group working on technology innovation and application. The group’s role touched on every part of the content path from the on-set technology including cameras and lens, through post-production and mastering to the standards used to deliver content and provide a full consumer experience.

Previously, Spencer worked as a technologist for Warner Bros. and before that, he built and ran the digital production group at Walt Disney Television Animation. Spencer started with data communications systems manufacturers as a system and software engineer working on computer network and broadband technology.

Link: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/15687/354622?utm_campaign=Twitter&utm_source=brighttalk-sharing&utm_medium=web

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