13 Sep 2018

Transforming the Entertainment Industry with Equinix

BASE Media Cloud teams with Equinix to Transform the Entertainment Industry

Interconnection boosts managed cloud services driving production, post-production and content distribution

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced managed cloud services provider, BASE Media Cloud, has collaborated with Equinix to build out a multi-cloud services strategy to serve the production, post-production and content distribution needs of digital media and entertainment companies globally.

BASE Media Cloud and Equinix are offering dedicated services in the media and entertainment sector to an industry in transformation. By leveraging interconnection — the private data exchange between businesses — to multiple private and public clouds, as well as multiple connectivity providers via Equinix, BASE Media Cloud and its customers are able to meet the increasing challenges brought about by the rising volumes of media files being acquired, processed and delivered throughout the media production process.

As demand for video has continued to grow, Content Delivery Management (CDM) companies have had to turn to cloud. As cloud becomes increasingly important to the media and entertainment industry, so does interconnection. It has already played a major role in enabling CDM companies to get close to customers in markets all over the world, enabling them to deliver superior content to a dispersed user base.

Equinix and BASE Media Cloud will discuss their partnership in further detail at IBC2018 in Amsterdam, 13-18 September. Equinix’s Senior Manager for Solution Marketing in EMEA, Matt George will be conducting a joint presentation with BASE Media Cloud at 4.00pm on 14 September. The keynote will address how content and digital companies are benefitting from multi-cloud strategies, showcasing the innovative approach taken by

the world’s largest independent football media business, COPA90, in partnership with BASE Media Cloud and Equinix, to manage the secure storage and exchange of media content between global locations throughout the 2018 World Cup.

Highlights / Key Facts

  • Today, the media and entertainment industry is increasingly relying on high-speed, secure and low-latency connections for more efficient streaming, as demand for data centers and colocation services in the cloud sector continues to grow. According to a report by eMarketer, this year nearly 765 million people will use a subscription over-the-top (OTT) video service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. That’s a tenth of the global population.


  • Amid this demand, CDM companies have turned to cloud services, specifically multi-cloud. Cloud helps content creators move material through the multiple stages of production faster than ever. BASE Media Cloud, a UK-based company, is meeting these challenges by offering a suite of ready-made multi-cloud services comprising media storage, media asset management, cloud editing, file transfer, branded channels and content distribution.


  • In November 2017, BASE Media Cloud deployed its UK-based private cloud region and multi-cloud core network with Equinix at its LD6 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Slough. This latest investment by BASE Media Cloud was focused on the need to provide media companies with a ‘one-stop shop’ for cloud-based media services, regardless of clients’ physical locations. The company hosts its centralised cloud storage infrastructure and cloud gateway network with Equinix, and interconnects to a multitude of public cloud and media SaaS partners, to provide its customers with a single pane of glass user experience.


  • BASE Media Cloud and COPA90 collaborated with Equinix to build out a multi-cloud services strategy to serve the hyper-scale production, post-production and content distribution needs of the world’s largest independent football media business. This collaboration has enabled COPA90 to migrate their media archive of over half a Petabyte of content to centralised cloud storage, as well as improve workflow efficiencies for file sharing, encoding, media asset management and global video content distribution.


  • Since the latest iteration of the BASE Media Cloud platform went live in January 2018, the company has already ingested over 2 Petabytes of customer data and delivered hundreds of Terabytes of HD Broadcast long-form materials to over 500 global media companies. As BASE Media Cloud’s customers continue to increase their in-house connectivity and bandwidth, as well as increasing the resolution and quality of their video content, the company is continually expanding its cloud network to accommodate demand.


  • According to volume 1 of the Global Interconnection Index (GXI), published annually by Equinix, the need for interconnection among CDM companies is indicated as growing rapidly. The Index estimates that Interconnection Bandwidth – the capacity to privately and directly exchange traffic between a diverse set of participants at distributed IT exchange points – will increase at a 36% CAGR among CDM companies and could reach 420 Terabits per second by 2020. GXI volume 2 will be published later this month.


  • Equinix has 800+ content and digital media companies deployed across its global footprint, all using a variety of interconnection capabilities to support their business in the digital world. By securely interconnecting with digital supply chain partners in dynamic business ecosystems, companies like BASE Media Cloud can accelerate business performance and reach new markets.


  • Platform Equinix’s global reach allows customers, like over-the-top subscription video streaming service DAZN, to deploy IT as close as possible to the sport events they cover, enabling the low-latency connections essential to quickly add commentary and polish to raw video feeds. The always-up Platform Equinix offers resiliency and direct access to a wide variety of cloud services, so DAZN can expand its computing capacity on demand and access all the interconnection it needs during high-profile events.


“BASE Media Cloud has continued to grow rapidly on Equinix’s interconnection platform. By choosing to do business on Platform Equinix, we have been able to flexibly add both direct connects and carrier-grade Internet bandwidth, on demand, to deal with the explosive video data growth of our global clients.” 

Damon Neale, CTO, BASE Media Cloud.

“We are seeing an increasing number of media and entertainment customers leverage our interconnection platform to expand their businesses globally. The increasing adoption of cloud is driving activity in this sector and we have now reached a tipping point – especially to enable on-demand multi-cloud access. With Platform Equinix, we are confident BASE Media Cloud will continue to accelerate its growth and expand their own customer base in new markets.”

Matt George, Senior Manager, Solution Marketing EMEA, Equinix.
About Equinix 

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most-interconnected data centres. In 52 markets worldwide, Equinix is where companies come together to realise new opportunities and accelerate their business, IT and cloud strategies. www.equinix.com.


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12 Sep 2018

COPA90 choose BASE for the World Cup

COPA90 is the largest independent football media business in the world, reaching over 100 million people across a multitude of online platforms and social media channels. With a unique brand of fan-centric content, COPA90 has become the hub for a global football-obsessed youth culture that is driving the exploding popularity of the sport. According to the Nielsen World Football Report released just before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, “the global reach of football, or soccer, is unequalled among sports in terms of value to media and sponsors.”

In many ways, COPA90’s model is ushering in a new era of international sports production. Made possible by the Internet and advances in IP technology, this era rests on the capacity to quickly and easily move media files around the globe and store them in accessible, searchable systems. To meet the demands of major sports events, COPA90 relies on a close partnership with BASE Media Cloud for managed multi-cloud services, integrating Signiant Media Shuttle for large-scale global file transfers.

One of the best examples of COPA90’s dominance was their record-breaking coverage of the 2018 World Cup in Russia last summer. This case study covers how they did it with the help of BASE Media Cloud, Signiant Media Shuttle and an innovative model for capturing unheard of volumes of content from fans around the world.

Creator Fans Around the World

Throughout the World Cup, COPA90 not only posted their own professionally produced content, but also video from a legion of 230 handpicked “creator fans” from over 40 countries. Generating volumes of footage, creator fans on the ground at the World Cup in Russia captured fans’ reactions to critical moments of triumph and failure. Others recorded responses at gatherings of people watching those same matches around the world.

And then there’s the meta-commentary-generating-meta-experience videos (you, watching them talk, as they watch athletes or fans, which makes you feel like you’re watching together) — a magic formula for building fandom empires, pioneered and perfected by the YouTube generation. In fact, COPA90 started off as a humble YouTube channel back in 2012, and has since become a distributed network across every social platform that matters to young fans, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and international platforms like Weibo in China and VK in Russia. The company is also building out its owned and operated channels and has built a distribution network of more than 200 publishers, influencers and broadcasters worldwide.

“COPA90 is How Football Feels – it’s the emotional connection with the game, the world of fan culture, that helps us engage so many young football fans around the world. It’s also why so many brands, broadcasters and federations look to partner with us,” said Barry Flanigan, Chief Product Officer at COPA90.

“Nowhere was that more evident last year than at the FIFA World Cup in Russia where we scaled our publishing output to more than six thousand content assets across multiple platforms, generating more than 750 million views through the tournament.”

“We simply couldn’t have scaled our operations for the World Cup without creating robust cloud-based infrastructure, supported by our partners BASE Media Cloud and Signiant.”

Ramping Up Cloud Technology

COPA90’s exceptional reach has attracted the attention of big broadcasters and brand sponsors. However, their business model diverges from the old guard equally as much as their content does. To complement their own in-house production COPA90 has built a global community of fans creating content on their behalf around the world. In this way they keep a light core team and rely on their ability to rapidly expand content output, technology and budget as needed.

COPA90 works with BASE Media Cloud to access the latest cloud-based technology, on demand. Providing access to near-unlimited compute resources without requiring heavy investment in on-premises software and hardware, cloud solutions are a perfect match for a high-growth online content company covering a huge international event, especially if they can essentially rent what is needed for the event.

For the World Cup, COPA90 contracted BASE Media Cloud to provide the cloud storage and file transfer technology necessary for bringing huge volumes of content back to their facilities in London and New York.

BASE Media Cloud plus Signiant Media Shuttle

BASE Media Cloud is a unique multi-cloud managed services provider for Media & Entertainment companies, with a vertical focus on Sports, Online Video and Distribution. Their business model rests on seeking out the best cloud-native SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions in the industry and connecting them back to their own centralised cloud gateway network and cloud storage platform. For fast, media file transfers over IP networks — both between people around the world and to the cloud — BASE leverages Signiant’s Media Shuttle for over 30 of its international media clients.

“Signiant has been one of our main SaaS product partners since we launched in 2015. We now have multiple companies all round the world using our Signiant Media Shuttle and cloud storage platform to upload, download, and share broadcast deliveries.
said Ben Foakes, Managing Director at BASE Media Cloud.

Media Shuttle is a really rock-solid solution, which has run consistently on our platform since 2015, dealing with Petabytes of content ingest and delivery.”

Working with COPA90 is a perfect opportunity for BASE Media Cloud to show off what they do best — developing a strategy and quickly spinning up specific services from their suite of best-in-class partner solutions. Companies like COPA90 have a lot of different workflow requirements for specific projects, amounting to different business models within the same business.

Supporting COPA90’s World Cup coverage relied on quickly transferring massive amounts of files and making them continuously accessible in BASE Media Cloud storage. Thus, Media Shuttle was central to their strategy, not only for getting footage from COPA90 producers and creator fans back to London and New York, but they also used Media Shuttle for the migration of half a petabyte of data into BASE Media Cloud’s storage platform for COPA90’s secure long-term archive.

Adjacent to that, BASE Media Cloud runs a fully managed Media Asset Management and content sales portal service for COPA90, built in partnership with Wazee Digital (a Veritone Company), where they perform automated encoding in AWS, streaming and playback of content, and enable global users to view and manage COPA90 content. It also serves as a centralized library with metadata allowing for easy search. All of this is cloud hosted and managed by BASE Media Cloud as part of their multi-cloud service portfolio.

“What we are providing for COPA90 is unique in that it allows a business with minimal on-premise infrastructure to do really big events and to work at a global scale,” says Foakes. “We provide cloud storage, but we don’t charge egress fees, so the costs of storing and transiting masses of data with BASE Media Cloud are very predictable and manageable for our clients.”

“We are bringing the power of multi-cloud services, including Signiant, when and where they need it most, without any of the hassle of looking after the technology in-house.”

Read more here.

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