Base Media Cloud

Our team of digital media experts will simplify your cloud workflows. We design, build and manage multi-cloud digital media workflows, accessed via one seamless interface.


Designed to manage millions of files and thousands of Terabytes of data per customer, base cloud solutions are optimised for modern, digital-first businesses. base provides clients with best-in-class file and asset management software, seamlessly integrated with secure cloud storage enabling users to organise, tag, search and process vast online digital media libraries. 


In the new paradigm of remote and hybrid working, base provides solutions to entirely virtualise creative and operational working practices by giving distributed users the tools they need to get their jobs done from anywhere.  From simple file sharing or creative view & review workflows through to custom virtual workstations, base enables teams to work from anywhere with an Internet connection.  


In a world of borderless working, ever-growing digital file sizes and huge demand for video and digital content distribution, base provides secure, high-speed tools for optimising the delivery of digital assets over the Internet.  Whether simple file delivery via a branded web portal or fully automated workflows for complex video delivery, base has the tools required to transfer any file type over any network. 


Security is at the heart of the base business model, both in terms of cloud architecture, service operations and team culture. All base solutions are designed from the ground up using data security best practices.   


All data on the base platform is encrypted in transit and at rest

Single Sign-On

Users can access the platform with one set of secure credentials


Users need to provide two or more authentication methods


Built on infrastructure giants; IBM, AWS and Google Cloud Platform

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