Managed cloud services for media companies

Securely store, process, edit and distribute your media from anywhere, at anytime.

We are on a mission to help digital media companies work smarter and more cost-effectively by offering cutting edge cloud storage and media software tools, online and on-demand. Our team has decades of experience in the media industry, working across production, post and delivery. Our media industry-focused cloud solutions are built around world-class technology to provide clients with the highest security and quality of user experience, from anywhere, at anytime.

Our Clients

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Cloud based solutions like BASE Media Cloud give us the opportunity to be flexible with our workflows, respond quickly to production demands and at the same time work cost effectively.

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BASE Media Cloud and Aspera are WINNERS

IABM Design & Innovation Award for Best Project, Event or Alternative Product/Service

High volume of data traffic with accuracy has been a change that several companies are looking to accomplish. This is a significant real life implementation of cloud based storage and workflow, which has been successfully used in an aggressive production environment - IABM

Cloud Media Solutions

Flexible. Affordable. On Demand.

Cloud solutions for today’s BIG media content

Benefit from cloud-based media storage and media workflow applications, designed for huge capacities, on demand.

Leading technology, without high cost of ownership

Gain access to the leading technology brands, giving you the benefit of the latest, greatest tools with vastly reduced costs.

Support, maintenance and upgrades all included

Reduce technical distractions and focus on delivering great content when you use our fully managed cloud services.

Dedicated services for the digital media industry

Whether you operate in production, post production or distribution, our experienced team understands exactly how you work.

Flexible pricing models for digital media budgets

Only pay for what you need, with no kit purchases, no fixed contracts and no limit to your storage and workflow capacity.

Cloud Media Storage

Backup. File Sharing. Archive.

Store multiple copies of your media in one safe place

Your media content is your most important asset. We take care of it using highly resilient storage technology inside secure data centres.

Access from anywhere, anytime via secure web portals

Make your files instantly available to colleagues and clients anywhere in the world, whilst storing them in a safe and secure place.

No more hardware purchases, maintenance or upgrades

Remove the costs of buying, supporting and updating your own kit. With our fully managed cloud services, everything is included.

Only pay for what you use and scale as you need to

As your need for media storage and media software services peaks and dips, we will scale our solutions to fit your needs.


Keep your valuable media content safe by replacing unreliable hard drives, old servers and physical tapes with highly-resilient cloud storage, hosted in super secure global data centres, managed in partnership with Vodafone, IBM and AWS.


Your media storage and workflow needs are unique to your business and budgets. Whether for Backup, File Sharing and Archive or high performance, global cloud post production, our solutions can be customised to fit your workflows.


As your production, post production and distribution activities move and flow and your media files continue to grow, we can rapidly scale and shrink your cloud storage capacity from just 1GB to 1000’s of TBs, with no long-term contracts.

By using the BASE Media Cloud platform, we know our clients media assets are backed-up in a safe and super secure facility, and can be restored instantly if needed.

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Simon Green, Managing Director,
Green Rock

We have saved money and time on kit purchases, freed up in-house storage space and can keep our team focused purely on creating great quality video content.

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Selma Turajlic, Co-Founder,
Little Dot Studios

The BASE MC team all have a great deal of experience in the post production world and they immediately understood what was required and how to deliver it.

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Alex Meade, Operations Director,
Fifty Fifty Post

Media File Delivery

Moving BIG media at BIG speeds.

Access your large media files at maximum speed

Use industry leading file transfer software to upload and download media files of unlimited size, at huge speeds.

Share content over Internet and private networks

Share and distribute your content with built-in encryption and acceleration over public Internet and private networks.

Collaborate with teams anywhere, anytime

Benefit from improved efficiencies and creative freedom by speeding up global file collaboration between your teams.

Personalise and brand your own distribution portals

Personalise your cloud service and show off your company’s brand beautifully with branded Web Portals and Workspaces.

Trusted Products

Choose from powerful accelerated file transfer applications by Aspera, Signiant and our own Stealth disaster recovery service and benefit from access to the industry’s most trusted tools, without the need to buy or install any expensive hardware or software at your own premises.


Whether you need to upload 4K footage from a shoot, share post production assets between teams, backup in-house storage for disaster recovery, or deliver HD masters and Digital Cinema Packages around the world, we have the tools you need, available on demand.

Base Media Cloud File Transfer Interface with Aspera and Signiant

BASE enabled us to receive, store and share 4K rushes and HD footage of international series into one simple platform at super fast speeds.

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Kevin Chapman, Exec Producer,

A single place for storing and sharing large files during post was a huge benefit. The speed of download was fantastic and far faster than other services.

Artefact Films Logo

Theo Cowen, Editor,
Artefact Films

We have benefitted from getting the keys to our content and being able to share our broadcast masters around the world from one simple interface.”

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Stephanie Taplin, Aurora Media /
Formula E


Content Processing. On Demand.

Transcode from any media format to any media format in any resolution

Input and output any media content for web, broadcast, online TV or digital cinema. Only pay for what you use.

Standards convert your content for International distribution

Professionally convert master file frame rates and resolutions in real-time, for global broadcast deliveries.

Bulk process large media libraries with no hardware onsite

Upload your content to us and we take care of all processing, freeing your in-house resources for creative work.

Scale and contract resources on a project-by-project basis

Spin up resources when you need them and simply pay per file or per project, to fit with your media budgets.

Cloud Powered

Our Hybrid Cloud solutions enable you to benefit from the power of hyper-scale cloud processing, accessing massive compute power when you need it most. All our services are fully managed and require zero technical knowledge from the User. Simply upload a file and we deliver you back your contact, directly to your BASE cloud storage account.

Ready for everything

Equip your business to deal with the ever-expanding media formats and deliverables, across all digital media sectors. By leveraging our flexible cloud-based platform and existing integrations, you never need to worry about adapting to new formats again. Just upload your original quality source files and let our cloud-based tools take care of the rest.

Cloud Post Production

Keep the Art. Lose the hardware.

Edit remotely with your preferred creative applications, anywhere at anytime

Work entirely in the cloud, using your choice of creative editorial software, streamed over Internet or private networks.

Move your edit Workstations to your cloud storage for maximum security

The most secure cloud editorial platform available. Store your media in the cloud and stream only pixels to your desktop.

Unlimited capacity and flexibility with minimal infrastructure on site

Benefit from unlimited Workstations and storage on demand, accessed via low cost devices and fast Internet access.

Manage your post production usage with hourly consumption pricing

Remove the costs of buying, supporting and updating your own facilities. Pay by the hour for the latest, greatest tools.

Work Remotely

Edit your cloud-hosted original media online, with minimal latency, using your preferred editing applications. BeBop Technology enables full resolution native editing in the cloud without the need for transcoding to lower quality proxies.

Collaborate Globally

Experience true online post production. Securely host your content and editorial Workstations in the cloud, and collaborate with teams anywhere in the world, without ever needing to duplicate or move your source media yourself.

Reduce Costs

Benefit from 100% pay as you go pricing structures and remove the need for expensive onsite equipment. Only pay for what you use, when you use it and reduce the costs of real estate, technical support and ongoing kit upgrades.

This is your workflow now.

This is your BeBop workflow.

Media Libraries

Search. Manage. View.

Create a secure online content library for all your large media files

Choose from our best-in-class media asset management solutions, integrated directly with your cloud storage.

Organise your digital assets into an easily searchable media hub

Benefit from rapid search and customised metadata tagging to ensure longevity of your media library.

Share your videos for online view and review on any device

Use built-in video streaming to seamlessly share, view, tag and comment on videos from anywhere, anytime.

Manage your content and benefit from automated media workflows

Create collections, add metadata and move your media files between storage tiers through one simple interface

Reduced Cost

Benefit from a ready-made cloud service, leveraging proven integrations, constantly improving features and a fully managed service, including expert support. By moving to a cloud-based Media Library service, companies of any size gain access to the industry-leading tools, traditionally reserved for large broadcasters and film studios.

Monetise your content

By creating an online media library, your business can better monetise your content, making it available for search and sale, anywhere in the world via the Internet. Replace traditional tape libraries and slow content shipping with an intelligent, monetisable web platform, turning your cloud-stored media content into profitable digital assets.

Branded Channels

Live and On Demand Streaming.

Launch your own branded live streaming channel in the cloud

Spin up a live branded streaming channel, in minutes and benefit from pay per view resources.

Build and manage your own branded online channels

Create your own online content service with free or subscription-based viewing, on demand.

Manage and process your broadcasts for viewing on any device

Leverage cloud power to automate the processing of your shows for multi-format consumption.

Connect with your audience without needing to invest in hardware

Grow your online distribution in line with audience numbers and benefit from flexible cloud resources.

IBM Cloud Video

Our branded channel services are provided in partnership with IBM, built around fully managed Software-as-a-Service platforms. We give you access to world-class solutions, delivered as simple, web-based applications, requiring minimal technical knowledge or experience of complex streaming technology. We look after the technology, so you can focus on showing great content.

Global Availability

Our platform benefits from a ready-made, global content delivery network, meaning you can connect with your audience anywhere in the world, without deploying any infrastructure of your own. Whether live or on-demand, a BASE Media Cloud branded channel service will give your viewers an optimised streaming experience on any device, from anywhere, anytime.


Work from anywhere, anytime.

You can access our cloud services via fast Internet connections from anywhere in the world, making use of your existing network investments and benefiting from the ever-improving speeds available. In addition, we offer a variety of high bandwidth Internet and Direct Connect network services, working with a range of trusted connectivity partners, giving you un-contended, high-bandwidth access to all BASE Media Cloud solutions. Please contact us for a consultation.


Your pathway to the cloud.

Explore how we can help streamline your business with our tailor-made media cloud solutions, increasing efficiency, adding performance and reducing your costs. Our unique managed cloud services have been designed as the foundation for integrating a multitude of media tools and applications. Working with leading technology partners, our Professional Services team design, deploy and manage a variety of bespoke cloud-based media solutions, built to order.


Ben Foakes

Ben Foakes

Managing Director

Ben has 15 years media industry experience, having worked as an Editor, Colourist, Producer and Post Supervisor across a range of media projects. Since career highlights editing BAFTA-winning F1 for ITV, his credits span BBC promos, Bond films, Channel 4 documentaries and Jessie J tours, to the post supervision of drama series, SUSPECTS for Fremantle. Ben previously founded and led post facility Sequence, before launching BASE Media Cloud.

Damon Neale

Damon Neale

Chief Technology Officer

Damon is a leading media cloud technology consultant, with extensive experience providing analysis, design and implementation of cloud-based workflow solutions for large media companies, global broadcasters and film studios including BBC, BSkyB and Sony. Together with our LA-based partners, DSB Consulting, Damon has been heavily involved with the roll out of ground-breaking cloud editing solution, BeBop, now part of our end-to-end solutions portfolio.

Bogdan Cerisan

Bogdan Cerisan

Systems Engineer

Bogdan joined the BASE Media Cloud team following a foundational role with Orange Networks in France, where he excelled in the areas of Software Defined Networking and Open Stack Cloud technology. Bogdan is responsible for all design and implementation, day-to-day technical support, monitoring and maintenance for the BASE Media Cloud storage and file transfer platform, specialising in Signiant, Aspera and Zadara Storage technology products.

Bob Rainford

Bob Rainford

Chairman / FD

As CFO of British Telecom's Mobile Division at the launch of Cellnet's (now O2) mobile telecom service in 1985, Bob oversaw the rapid expansion of the major capital spend programme. In 1990 Bob founded and launched an innovative telecom managed service business providing voice mail services to businesses, interconnected to both fixed and mobile phone networks. In 1995 Bob was responsible for the formation and launch of US based Netcom's UK ISP and was subsequently COO for AIM listed Global Internet.

Neil Munday

Neil Munday


Neil has over 25 years experience developing and executing business, sales and marketing strategies for start-up companies and new business units within leading storage vendors such as Arcada, Seagate Software, VERITAS, and SEPATON. As a shareholder and CEO of UK start-up, id7, he played a key role in the company's acquisition by US storage vendor Fusion-IO. Neil is also Chairman and Director at demand generation company Think Pipeline and co-founder and Director at Fast Track EMEA.

Richard Pearce

Richard Pearce


Richard has over 25 years storage industry experience in management roles with Xyratex, Seagate and IBM. At Xyratex he oversaw the evolution from a single location IBM facility to a global player in the Storage Industry, growing both organically and acquisitively, with facilities in Europe, USA, Mexico and Asia. From 2003 to 2014 Pearce served as CFO and GM of Xyratex, during which time the Company completed an IPO on NASDAQ, saw revenues peak at $1.6Bn and was ultimately acquired by Seagate Technology.

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